Saturday, August 3, 2019

On History and Friendship | 3-Month Tour Posts at Tangled Up in Writing and Honey Rock Hills

With being on vacation, I'm falling behind in sharing my 3-month tour bloggers! But the last two July posts were pretty unique. 

First, the historical post about WHY "The Secret Slipper" HAD to be historical. Have you ever considered why a certain idea HAS to be in a certain era? It's really fascinating to think about!! I'd love to hear your spin-offs of why _______ story had to be told in ________ era.
You can read the full article HERE.

Another belated July 3-month-tour post. One of the things I love including in my books is friendship. Strong friends. Godly friends. Those that encourage ME to be a better friend. As I got to thinking about the friendships I portrayed in my books, I realized that the reason I can portray them is because I've experienced them. I've had some friends stick with me through some pretty tough situations--friends who have encouraged me in my walk with God, uplifted me, rebuked me, prayed for me, and unconditionally loved me. If you have a friend like that, thank them today for being a godly friend!
Read the article HERE.

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