Thursday, August 1, 2019

It's Release Month! | Final month of the 3-month tour

It’s release month!! 

Wow… this day has come about a year and three brutal rewrites later than I had hoped (okay, okay, creative license here on the description). The twosome is finally becoming a threesome--and I am finally able to tuck a completed series under my belt!

I have to give another huge shout-out to the lovely ladies joining me for a huge 3-month tour celebrating the release of "Protecting the Poor" as well as the two books that came before it. 

These blogs will all have another special post this month--this time, featuring the book we've all been waiting for! So be sure to keep up on my blog or just sign up for their blogs to see what comes up! I'll be giving sneak-peeks, sharing historical tidbits (which will probably have some sneak-peeks as well) and host several giveaways!

Have you added "Protecting the Poor" to your Goodreads' list yet?

What are you looking forward to this month?


Ashley said...

Congratulations, Amanda! I know you have done alot of hard work in writing these books and I am so glad they are available. :) I don't have goodreads, but this series is definitely on my "want to read" list.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you, Amanda! May God bless you and your books as well as those who read them.

In Christ,

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ashley - I so hope you get to reading them someday!

@ Kayla - thank you so much!! :)

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