Sunday, August 25, 2019

1 Day!

As I was working on editing “Protecting the Poor,” I listened to a sermon that just fit perfectly with the message I was presenting (it shouldn’t surprise me when that happens—maybe I should say, it encourages me, because it just solidifies that this is the message God has for this specific work). You have Dumphey, the rugged and strong, and Noel, the timid and inadequate. And Alistair Begg so fluently expounded on our perception of what makes a Christian leader and who God chooses. Here are a few quotes from the sermon.

“Jehoshaphat is a reminder to us that the kind of contemporary picture of effective Christian leadership is in the strong, rugged, ruthless, handsome quarterback. When you read the Bible, what do you discover? That the men and women that God picks up and uses are so often marked by hesitancy and timidity and caution, uneasiness, a sense of their own personal inadequacy—in other words, unlikely people.”

“God’s purpose is that we might depend upon Him entirely.”

“You see, but the temptation is to go to the bookstore to find a book that tells me how I may not be powerless and clueless. That will be a bad book! That will be an unhelpful book! Because it is in my very powerlessness, and it is in my very cluelessness, that I come to stand before God and say, ‘I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are upon you.’”

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