Monday, September 5, 2016

Scripture Designs 05

David wasn't content to just live through a famine--he wanted to know the reason of the famine and took action to remedy the famine.
Is this my attitude towards spiritual famine? Do I seem to know why there is a famine, then take action when I know the reason? Or do I content myself with "just waiting the famine out?"

 There is so much in these two verses. First, we see a progression:
- thanksgiving to God
- fulfilling commitments
- calling in trouble
- glorifying God
We shouldn't start every prayer with, "Lord, help me," but with thanksgiving for how much He has already done for us!
Another thing to notice is that God does not deliver us from trouble for our glory or even our ease. Ultimately, God's deliverance is for His glory. The last verse in this chapter further helps us understand: "Whoso offereth praise glorifieth Me..." (vs 23). When God delivers us, and we in turn praise Him, He is glorified (even though we were in a tough situation).

 Like as in Solomon's time, God's promises are contingent on our obedience. We cannot expect to claim His promises if we refuse to follow His ways and walk according to His Word.

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