Saturday, September 17, 2016

Calling All Book Lovers!

In just a few short days (nine to be exact), I'm going to be having my first "blog party" here! Rebekah from Read Another Page is hosting "Five Fall Favorites," where we'll all be sharing our five favorites from several genres! This has been exciting to prepare for and I'm all geared up to go! :) What's more, we'll be having some great giveaways -- because, after all, part of the fun of books is to be able to share them! :) So come back and join the fun!!


Rosalyn said...

Oh sounds like fun! Can't wait till it starts! :)

I've realized I haven't commented on your posts in ages!! :p

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - Well, it has begun! ;) I hope you enjoy the party as much as I am (and it's just the first day!).

No problem! I greatly appreciate your comments! :)

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