Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quilts and Heirlooms

Last week I needed to take some pictures for an upcoming project, so I dragged out Mama's quilts. I really love Mama's quilts (note: the plaid one is the only one she didn't make). And one by one, she'll be passing these along to each of her children (at least, that is the goal; she might have to hurry as she has twelve children...). 

Here are my current two personal favorites. :) :) I'd say I have "dibs on the green one," but one of my sisters has mentioned that she really likes it. And, as she has a guy in her life and I don't yet, she just might get it. ;)

What heirlooms do you have around your home?


Anonymous said...

What stunning photographs! And the quilts are beautiful!
I have a piano that belonged to my great grandmother; when she got married she and her husband had to move to a really remote place because of his work. She had been a music teacher before, and so her husband bought her the piano to keep her company out on the lonely farm. It has been passed down through the generations, and is one of my family's oldest heirlooms.

Bibi B said...

These quilts are beautiful! I love them!

Amanda T. said...

@ Anonymous - how neat to have the piano! That being "my instrument," it is such a wonderful heirloom!

@ Bibi - aren't they? I love them too!

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