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Flight School | Book Review and Giveaway!

A few months ago, I came across The Sparrow Found a House, by Jason McIntire (good news: you can get it for free from their website--read my review of it here!). So, when I discovered that Jason was needing bloggers to review his sequel, Flight School, I jumped at the opportunity!
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Book Synopsis
On the verge of adult life, Chris Rivera is eager to get started on his career as a director of Christian movies. But he'll have to do it without his best friend Ben, who has traded childhood toys for law books... and a very pretty study partner.

Meanwhile, Jessie is getting a lot of attention from conservative neighbor John and trendy friend Galen – each of whom, for drastically different reasons, seems a little too good to be true.

In the face of hard questions and big temptations, how do you know which choice is right? And where do you get the courage to make it?

Personal Review
*I received this book to review with my honest opinion*

As with The Sparrow Found a House, Flight School balances between the views of the Rivera children (Chris, Jessie, Moe, and Katie), their friend Ben, and occasionally other characters. This gives a very unique and full viewpoint throughout the entire story as the reader learns about the struggles and victories they each face.

Overall, I think Flight School makes an excellent family book. Though I don't consider this a negative, some parents may want to use caution as several different Baptist denominations are discussed and could provide confusion to younger readers (personally, it intrigued me to learn about the differences).

I found myself reminded of my teen years of attempting-to-make-movies with friends, as Chris, Jessie, and Galen worked together to create movies. I did not care for what seemed to be an apocalypse theme for their movie, but could identify with the lessons they learned in the process and found the climax in Chris's life very intense.

The first half somewhat disappointed me with not as much parental involvement as I found in The Sparrow Found a House, though the latter half redeemed this disappointment as there were several great discussions between parents and children.

Two quotes caught my eye (probably because of the insane summer I've had):
"She had almost forgotten how good it felt to just slow down and love individual people."

"We should be 'obsessed' with only one thing: pleasing Him, whether He calls us to be insanely busy or completely still."

I didn't realize until after I finished the book that I needed the reminder of the lessons in it (two areas which sum up what I believe the Lord has been trying to teach me this summer)
~Am I focused on people (relationships) or projects?
~Is my solution to temptations saddling myself under more rules or yielding myself to the Holy Spirit?

And now for the giveaway!!! :)

Or go ahead and order the book on Amazon. It's $2.99 for the Kindle version, or $9.99 for the 256-page print edition.

Jason McIntire
About Jason
A 2005 homeschool graduate and partner in family business ventures, Jason McIntire writes as a hobby. His Christian stories are built around solidly biblical ideas, but packaged in his own light-hearted, often humorous style.


Jason McIntire said...

Amanda, thanks for the excellent review. I'm glad the book spoke to you personally, and I pray it will do so for many of your readers as well. I'm around to answer questions, should anyone on this comment thread want to chat.

HisPrincessWarrior said...

Sounds awesome! I've actually had the first book downloaded to my kindle for a while now and never read it... Interest is now piqued! :) :) Thanks!

Amanda T. said...

@ Jason - no problem! Thanks for letting me be a part of your release day!

@ Katie - glad it piqued your interest. :) Let me know when you get around to reading it!


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