Saturday, September 19, 2015

Perfect Peace

"Peace, Be Still" is built around Isaiah 26:3-4 and Mark 4:37-41. The latter is a passage that the Lord used in my life to teach me a big lesson last year while we were in the process of moving from Louisiana to Mississippi and learning the various new things of this state. When I realized that fatal tornadoes were semi-regular, I will confess that fear began to torment me--particularly because we moved into a fragile mobile home. In my daily Bible reading, God brought me to the passages in the Gospels where Jesus led His disciples straight into the storm on sea because He knew the lessons He would teach them there. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had moved our family up here (and even that He had specially provided this mobile home for us!)...and where He led He would protect. There was something about that lesson that helped me to learn even more how to trust God in the storms.

What are some verses that have comforted you? Some lessons He's taught you through those verses?

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