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The Story Cure | Book Review

31521907Three stars. 

There were good elements to this book. I copied down over a dozen "quotes to remember." But when I think of the book as a whole, it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. First of all, I can't say that this book was Christian at all. It definitely wasn't conservative. There were both mentions about gods and them being created "to explain thunder, floods, births, deaths, the inexplicable movements of the sun" as well as a reference to "Christian myths." Add to that, there was a bit of "mild cussing" and one explicit scene that I really could have lived without reading (plus a few other adult-topic scenes). I would not hand this book to a young and aspiring writer--it was probably written more for "adult aspiring writers" though the presentation of the book made me think "younger reader."

Having read a few other books on writing, this book didn't really shed any light for me (I'm not lowering my rating because of that; the lowered rating is because of "content" that I personally don't like). The main thing that stands out to me as "learned something new" was when he broke down the story structure and gave a few pages about the various types of story structure.

Moore did a great job with presenting the information in a very understandable fashion and if you like parallels such as "the story structure and plot are your skeleton" then this is a book you'd enjoy. The references to doctor offices and body parts was both amusing and slightly corny, but it worked. I mean, it's the "Story Cure" by the "Book Doctor."

Being a fiction writer and not a memoir writer, there were a few parts that weren't applicable to me. I would say that it was a nice balance of help for both genre-writers out there.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books and was permitted to give my honest review*

About the Book
People want to write the book they know is inside of them, but they run into stumbling blocks that trouble everyone from beginners to seasoned writers. Drawing on his years of teaching at both the university level and at writing workshops across the country, Professor Dinty W. Moore dons his book-doctor hat to present an authoritative guide to curing the issues that truly plague writers at all levels. His hard-hitting handbook provides inspiring solutions for diagnoses such as character anemia, flat plot, and silent voice, and is peppered with flashes of Moore's signature wit and unique take on the writing life.

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Paula said...

While I'm not a writer, I went ahead and read this review. Just a thought- is this a pseudonym? Dirty Moore is a brand of beef stew in a can!!! Blessings

Unknown said...

"Bad taste in your mouth" followed by references to your distain for anything that isn't "Christian?" Young lady, if this book wasn't for you because your inability to shed your prejudices like being a fiction writer or a just being a righteous prude, why did you write this review?
This book has helped me a lot with my structure and plot problems. It's a quick guide that I can grab and use as a mentor. There are not a lot of books out there that help in this easy, thoughtful and humorous way. Dianne Jacob and Steven King both have helpful books on writing as well as Dr. Moores.
By the way, why didn't you put "About the Book" first in your review?
I am not a good writer but I'm trying to get better. I do have life experience though and know one thing. When you are reviewing anything, anyone and even life itself, start with the facts- then run it through your filters, your views, your pre-judgments. Then hammer away at your take on those things and all the negativity and bleakness that your dark curtains provide. Then hit the backspace button and smile!

Joseph Elliott (Zisi) Lerner said...

So you judge a book by whether it's "Christian" or not? So "thumb's down" to any book written by a non-Christian, i.e., the Dali Lama, say? (Or by a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, atheist?) Narrow-minded, and, in my mind, decidedly un-Christian. (I believe Dinti Moore is a Buddhist.)

Since this comment needs your approval, I doubt if I'll see it in print. (By the way, at least correct your sole commentator, Paula. The book author's name is Dinty W. Moore, not "Dirty" Moore. Very disrespectful.

Amanda Tero said...

Dear commenters,

I was given "The Story Cure" in exchange of my honest review, which considers that the readers who review will have various opinions, beliefs, and perspectives. Yes, I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as well as a Christian who strives to live my life by God's Word, so everything I read will be sifted through that perspective. It was not my intention to write this review to be contentious. I have a lot of young Christian writers who follow my reviews, and I was thinking of them as I wrote this review. I realize that I may not have had the perfect balance in reviewing the helpful content with the negative content and will consider that for future reviews. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Joseph Elliott (Zisi) Lerner said...

My previous comment was made in anger and I apologize. Of course a reviewer approaches a book with their own viewpoint, life experiences, and so forth. There's too much hatred and bigotry in the world as is, and I'm sorry for, in my small way, for bring hurtful and contentious.

Amanda Tero said...

Joseph - thank you very much for your follow-up comment. I forgive you and appreciate your humility in apologizing.

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