Friday, June 2, 2017

First Line Fridays | 6.2.17

Happy June!! To me, the very first weeks of June (not mid-June) seems like the official start of summer as I wrap up teaching, have my students' music recitals, and then summer camps begin. Unfortunately, summer usually isn't as much of a reading time for me as life tends to get busier. What about you? Do you read more or less in the summer?

My first line this week is from book one of a super sweet series that you absolutely must read: A Time of Grace trilogy by Alicia G. Ruggieri. I actually liked books two and three better than book one, so you just have to read all three. ;) Here are my reviews of books one, two, and three.

"She tucked a piece of gold behind her ear, nervously twisting
the whisper-thin strands from the root to the tip."
(The Fragrance of Geraniums by Alicia G. Ruggieri)

What is one of the sweetest books you've read?
And what's a first line for this week?

Also, be sure to hop along to all of these other blogs and see what First Lines they have to share!
Please note that I may not fully endorse all of the books that these bloggers read or the content in these blogs.

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Dinh said...

Cover looks lovely.

My first line is:
“A private plane sits on a runway in Martha’s Vineyard, forward stairs deployed.” ~ Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.
I can’t wait to start this book. I’ve heard it’s good.
Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

Becky Smith said...

Happy Friday! One of the sweetest books that I have read is Just the Way You Are by Pepper Basham. But today my first line is from Finding Love on the Oregon Coast by Angela Ruth Strong, a collection of 4 novella by different authors which will be released July 1st: "Christina gazed out the window at the balcony decorated for her wedding ceremony above the sparkling Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, before turning to face the full-length mirror."

Trisha Robertson said...

Today on my blog I’m sharing a line from Lori Benton’s book “A Flight of Arrows”.

I thought I’d share something different in the comment, an old favorite of mine.
“From the old and pleasantly situated village of Mayenfeld, a foot-path winds through green and shady meadows to the foot of the mountains, which on this side look down from their stern and lofty heights upon the valley below.” HEIDI by: Johanna Spyri

Andie said...

Interesting first line.

Have a great weekend!

JaneReads said...

If I know a book is part of series I must read them in order, however if I don't like book 1, I am less likely to pick up the next book. On the blog today I am sharing the first line from Melody Carlson’s ‘Under a Summer Sky’ so I thought I would share the first line from the book I am currently reading:

“The man relaxed in the wooden Adirondack chair in the screened-in porch of his cabin rental and stared out across the glistening waters of Lake Williwaw.” Stormy Lake by L.D. Stauth

Anonymous said...

It can b deceiving if a book 1 is not that interesting. It is true sometimes the later books tend to get better. Good luck with your books. I try to read he same in the summer as in the other seasons. I try to read at least 10 to 20 pages a day if possible. Happy reading and have a great week end.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way about summer. I feel like it starts the minute I leave my classroom for the final time at the end of the school year. I read a lot year-round, but definitely finish more books in the summertime, which helps keep my reading goal possible in those very hectic first days back to work in the fall. Have a great weekend!

Mollys Cafinated Reads said...

I've read too many to pick just one!

My cozy first line is up on the blog!

Cafinated Reads First Line Friday

englishmysteriesblog said...

It's so hard to pick just one book...I think probably the nicest books are the ones that you don't want to end. The books that make you sad when you come to that last page. Happy Saturday!

Jessica Baker said...

I like the cover on that. I am kind of a flower nerd, so I always have my eyes open at what flowers people have! I may not know what they are called, but I can tell you if they are pretty or not lol ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Dinh - yes, I love these covers!!

@ Becky - I need to read Pepper Basham one day.

@ Trisha - you know... I'm not sure that I've ever read Heidi. ;)

@ Andie - thanks!

@ Jane - very true on not liking book one. This one, I liked it... it just had some very sad elements.

@ Marilyn - haha! Yes they can be! Wow, great on the daily reading goals! So far the only consistency I've had in reading is from my research book (it's 800 pages and I'm knocking it out 15 pages a day)

@ Sarah - good way to put it!! So far, summer isn't looking like a promising "read much" time. ;) I think I've finished one book this month and am not even close to finishing another.

@ Molly - so very true!!

@ Englishmysteries - yes, I agree there. I enjoy the books that I don't want to end (except for the fact that they must end).

@ Jessica - how neat with the flowers! We call my younger sister the "flower girl" because of her love for them. :)

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