Saturday, June 3, 2017

Books I Read - May 2017

It's that time of month! That time when I look back and realize... wait I DID read more than I thought I did (seriously... it felt like I could never find reading time)!! This month felt very much like an un-reading month to me!!

My favorite read of the month...

I've known about Warren Wiersbe for years now, seeing as he's my dad's favorite author (and my dad is NOT a the fact that he likes to read this guy's books...). I've been collecting Wiersbe's books as they come up free for Kindle. This was one of them, and wow. It's just very good. There are 65 chapters and they are all relatively short. It would make a very good daily devotional (I just read it over the span of a few Sundays). I have a few more things in my review here.

My Favorite Fiction
Okay, so I only read two fiction books this of which was a collection of nine novellas (my first time to read one of these collections). And that collection would have to rate as my favorite for the month. ;)

I didn't like all of the stories in this collection equally, but I DID leave a very thorough, story-by-story review on Goodreads.

Funniest Read of the month goes to a short story...

Which was not at all on my TBR pile. ;) My sister's boyfriend basically thrust it in my hand with, "You've got to read this. Tonight." I obliged him and found myself rolling my eyes and giggling at the characters. It's really a funny story, even though not Christian. More here.

Children's Books!
Again, I found a couple of children's books to read. They were both cute. Of course.

Review here.

Review here.

And then...during one of my brother's college graduations, I wanted a quick read. Sure enough, I was able to read the entire novella there while waiting for my brother's name to be called (seriously... "Tero" is FAR down on the list of last names...). It was a cute read, but you know me and romance. ;) See my review here.

Going into June...
I doubt I'll be able to read much in June with summer camps and everything, but I have a few review books lines up. Plus, I'm still tackling that 400+ page Sherman book (been making progress though!). 

Now for you...
Do you read more in the summer?
Have you read any of the books that I read in May?
What are you reading right now?
Have you ever read Warren Wiersbe?


Anonymous said...

I too love to read children's books. They can be a joy and a fun read. Thanks for your May list.

Amanda Tero said...

Yes they can be!! :) I've gotten to where they're almost my favorites. ;) ;) You're welcome! Thanks for the comment!

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