Saturday, May 6, 2017

Books I Read - April 2017

It's still April, isn't it? ;P Seriously, yesterday I wrote "April 5" TWICE--and I didn't even realize it until this morning. How many of you have a hard time transitioning into May?

So, now that I have convinced myself that it is, indeed, May, it's time for April reading recap! I actually read a lot in April (mostly in the beginning of the month). Like I may have beat January's book-count. Of course, many of these were short. ;) And most of them were fantastic reads!

Books I've been waiting forever to read...
Finally!! I was able to get around to books that have been on my TBR pile forever (or what seems like forever). The first checked off my list...


I was not disappointed! I thoroughly enjoyed Kate's Innocence and grabbed Kate's Capitol several months ago. I had to wait until my reading schedule was cleared up to read it. I'm happy to recommend this book to readers! There is more romance issues than in Innocence, for readers sensitive to that. But, you can see my review here.


Oh my word. Why did I wait so long to read this book?! It was SO, SO good!! You can read my fangirling enthusiastic review here.


I've seen this author around for a few years, so she's kind of been on my TBR list. I didn't know what to think of this book at first, as it was quite a different style...but in the end, I loved it. And since I've put the book down, I have been reminded of the message of the book several times in my own life. That makes it a wonderful read for me. See my review.


The last that got a little dusty on my shelves before I got around to reading it was Five Love Languages for Singles. This was also a good read and I felt like I learned a lot in it. My review is here.

Moving on...
Saddest read of the month...

I remember 9/11, so this book resonated and brought back a lot of the initial feelings of "when it happened." It was good to be reminded of 9/11. Full review here.

Favorite short story...


We're going to pretend that this isn't my only short story read in April. Seriously, if I had read others, this would have still made it to favorites list! Honest, truly. It's free! So get it and read it. And if you need more persuasion, you may read my complete review.

Favorite inspirational read...


This book was SO good!!! It is properly named "gems." It was easy to read, as it was just a bunch of short quotes (a few paragraph-long), and they were so good. Yeah, it was just good. I highlighted like half of the book. I don't know that I have more in my review, but it's here if you're interested. ;) This is another free Kindle book.

None of the books I read this month were "never read again" but two of them were kind of on my neutral list.

This was highly informative and I will likely read it again. Review here.


I laughed at parts in this book, but some parts also fell a little flat. My review is here, for more of my thoughts.

Children's books...
I think I'm getting addicted to reviewing children's books. ;) They are so cute and very handy to have on hand in case I need to gift them.


This one wasn't on a review program; I grabbed it at a thrift store and am so glad I did. See My review.


I read God Loves Mommy and Me in March so was happy to review this one as well. It's just as cute. My review here.


And this one. SO cute. So adorable! I love this little book!!! You can read my full thoughts here.


There you have it! My books of April. What did you read in April? What were your favorite reads? Have you read any of these books? If so, do you agree with my thoughts or not? Why?

What are your anticipated reads of May 2017? I'm going to see how far I can get in these two beasts of books. I'm already about 120 pages in Sherman (research reading) and 1 1/2 stories in Holmes (my first time reading Sherlock!).


Sarah Holman said...

I am honored my books are on there. It is fun to see all the books you have been reading.

Amanda T. said...

@ Sarah - my pleasure. :) :) I'm looking forward to more Kate books. ;)

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