Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Slow and Steady

In usual life, I'm the hare. I don't mean to say that proudly (cause we all know, the tortoise won the race ;) ), but truly. I like to do things in a jiffy. Just... get them done already. 

But, as I indicated last week, there are weeks to slow down. And for some reason, the whole month of January has been that "week(s) of slowing down." I may write an article about it someday, but it's actually been a good month. God's grace has been sufficient for a more relaxed pace, and I have gotten work accomplished. I've just also had days when I had energy to do literally nothing. But that's okay. Still taking life one day at a time--and I have a new sympathy for people who struggle with chronic fatigue, and am grateful that this is but a season of life!

That being said... I did get my goal accomplished from last week, praise God!

Goals from Last Week
  • Write 1,000 words
    • Wrote 1,370! (does that make up for being a little short my goal last week? ;))
  • Read 30 pages in The Bowyer's Bible
    • See images below, but yep! Check!!
  • Received beta-reader notes back for "Quest for Leviathan!"
I was also able to do some unexpected projects:
  • Wrote a 4k-word article (being posted this week)
  • Edited and scheduled a writing post for Wordquill (will link to that on Saturday)
Goals for This Week
This week looks a little busy for me. I'll pretty much only be home with a clear schedule for 1 1/2 days. And, given that the other days are extremely busy, I may need to use a good portion of time to just relax and rest up (that "tortoise" part I don't know how to do very well--anyone with me here? ;) ). But! I'm going to try for some goals!
  • Edit "Quest for Leviathan"
  • Write 1,000 words
  • Read 20 more pages in The Bowyer's Bible
  • Start another research book
    • (hopefully one that is easier to read and understand than the bow book ;) )

From my Feed
Glimpses of those 30 pages I had to read...

And the one day in which I made significant progress:

(Yes, I got my goal in just one day, and only 200 words in another day... was that cheating??)

And other writerly/readerly posts...

Finally! My most-anticipated-read of January 2018 came in the mail! 
Courtesy of Bethany House for review. 

One of Thursday's projects: getting an interview schedule for my the blog! 
Author Vicki Watson sent me her charming children’s series to review. 
Sonrise Stable books were a delight to read and I highly recommend them for children!
{look for these on Friday!}

Writing sometimes takes a very personal turn. 
Friday, I worked on an article about following God’s direction—
and the lessons I’ve been learning there. 
It required some reflection, a lot of Scripture look-ups, and transparent sharing. 
I’m eager to share the truths I’ve learned (and am trying to learn)! 
Proverbs 3:5-7 has been my anchor through SO MANY 
decision-making times. What passage do you turn to in these tricky times?
{being posted tomorrow/Thursday!}

Just for my brother... 
because he accuses me of posting “nothing but books.” 
Here! A picture of ME—and... a book... 

Now, from you!
What are some praises you have from last week?
What are some projects you're anticipating this week?
What's one of your most-anticipated read for 2018?
Do you find research books tough to read?


Ryana Lynn said...

Praise: I finished my edits on my third Civil War Book!!!!! All I need is to add some quotes for my part, but my editors can get to work on it as is1 EEPS! Praise the Lord!

Projects: Getting those Quotes for my book, writing a Newsletter and getting a new blog post up.

Most Anticipated Reads: Quest for Leviathan :) Another book by the same author (I can wait to read the finished project!) and Questions of War book Three by Jessica Wheaten. And maybe this is cheating, but I really can't wait to read my finished book when it comes out. Editing always brings changes and new story twists, so I can't wait!

Research books: If they belong to me, no. But if they are borrowed, they seem to take forever for some reason. I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

This week I'm hoping to find my binder with my first draft of my NaNo novella. So I can start editing next month.
I'm eager to read books 2 & 3 of Jesseca Wheaton's Questions of War series. . . I'm planning to save "A Question of Courage" for NaNo 2018 and "A Question of Loyalty" (when I get it) for something next year. . . ;) I'm also eager for any releases by you or Victoria Minks, as well as Rebekah Morris, Ivy Rose, and Jesseca Wheaton. I'm hoping to get a few ;) books of my Indie wishlist this year. . . :)
I don't read much for research, but I don't often find it hard. It's usually interesting stuff. I like learning things about stuff that interests me. :)

~Katja L.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - YAY!!! So happy for you! Aw, thank you for including me on your anticipated-reads list. :) I really need to get "Quest for Leviathan" wrapped up. ;) Jesseca's books are fun, too.

@ Katja - it looks like Jesseca has quite the fan-base here. ;) I love it! Thanks for all of your support for Indie authors! Sounds like me with research.

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