Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

2017 was definitely not the writing year that I had expected, but when I look back over 2017, it was a good writing year. I didn't get near as many words in as I had hoped, I'm not as far along in my writing projects as I had hoped, but I did make progress--and that's what counts, right?

Looking back at 2017, I was able to...
  • Publish "Hartly Manor" (short story)
  • Publish "The Secret Slipper" (book 2 of Tales of Faith series)
  • Read 5 books on the writing craft (links to my reviews: The 12 Key Pillars to Novel Construction, Plot, The Story Cure, Creating Character Arcs, Write Well)
  • Start hosting writing days at our house
  • Finish second draft (major rewrite) of Nat's story and place it in the hands of beta readers
  • Meet several new author friends
  • Read 9 Civil War books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Read 2 medieval research books
  • Purchase a couple (few?) dozen Civil War books (hey, thrift stores have amazing deals, okay?)
  • Encourage others in their writing
  • Begin keeping you all semi-regularly updated with my writing progress (and hearing you all comment--that has been a big highlight of my blogging/writing year!)
  • Write some articles for Wordquill
  • Start at least a half dozen short stories and novellas still unfinished :P
I'm sure there are plenty more writing blessings of 2017, but I'm coming off a week of sick-brain, which is fuzzy at best. ;) That at least gives you a glimpse.

Now, we get into 2018. I'll admit, I have some writing dreams and goals. All of these, I understand, will be carefully prayed through week by week. But you can't hit a target if you don't at least aim. I'm taking a challenge here--cause I usually am not one for big goals. So, with God's guidance and direction, I shall attempt to:
  • FINISH NAT'S STORY!!! (yeah, that kinda has to be #1 with everyone breathing on my neck ;))
  • Write book 3 of the Tales of Faith series
  • Finish and publish 3 short stories that I began in 2017
  • Start book 2 of Nat's journey
  • Read 10 books on the writing craft (any suggestions?)
  • Read 10 non-fiction/research books
Now, I'll admit, these look like crazy lofty goals for me because I realize how little writing time I usually have. So, while these are my goals, I'm also considering what I had asked y'all to be praying for a few weeks back: a balanced schedule. It is always possible that my teaching schedule will expand, and I'm going to try my best to keep an opening for family time. But when writing time happens, Lord willing those will be my goals.

What about you? What were you able to accomplish in writing 2017? Are you satisfied with those goals? Do they help you to make different goals for 2018?


Ryana Lynn said...

Last year, I was able to publish my first Christmas novella, which was exciting, but I failed to get my 3rd Civil War book published. But at the same time, I feel it was best. We had unexpected ministry opportunities and the book needs more work. Lord willing though, it will be out this year. That's my major writing goal.

I also hope to completely edit book 4, redraft book 5 and outline some future books. Like you, it may sound lofty, but I believe it's doable without taking time away from my family, since most of these projects have been started;)

Allison said...

Yay for big goals, Amanda! I wish you the best and pray for all of us writers that we will write well and long. :)
I tend to avoid big goals. Then when I don't complete them I won't feel guilty or bad about myself. But then I go the other extreme and make no goals at all. Both are bad. :)

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be praying for you!! I hope you can get all these goals done, especially the publishing *triple wink* ;)

~Katja L.

Jewels said...

2017 wasn't a huge writing year for me. I made some slow progress in my manuscripts, but art and school were more of a priority for me. This year, I am hoping to be able to write more. I have finally had some time to make progress in one of my books, and it is exciting and inspiring! I also joined the writing site Noble Novels, so I hope that will keep me slightly scheduled in the writing realm :)

Praise the Lord for all that He allowed you to accomplish in 2017! I like your idea of how can you hit the target if there's nothing to aim at :D May God give you a great year with lots of progress in the writing realm, along with growth in other aspects of life <3

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - I'm glad you were able to publish at least the novella. :) :) I have found that to be true in my writing as well, though: when I delay in publishing it, it only serves to make the novel better. :D I hope you can make great progress in your novels this year! :)

@ Allison - thank you very much. :) Haha! I used to not make goals, but like I said, if I aimed at nothing, I would likely do nothing. Here, I at least have something to work toward (also, if I don't have a goal, then usually I just waste more time instead of work).

@ Katja - thanks! :) You and me both. ;)

@ Jewels - I have definitely noticed how God will sometimes shift gears with what my focus needs to be on each year. :) I'm glad you were able to do more art. :) Thanks for your encouragement and prayers! <3

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