Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Check, check...

I surprised myself last week in writing. I was still under the weather, battling this sick bug that's at our house. On the days that it didn't drain my mental capacity, I didn't have much energy. Which, for a writer, you don't need a ton of energy to write (just mental capacity ;) ). So, by God's grace and His help I was able to...

  • Write 3,742 words
  • Finish two short story rough drafts!!!!! (check, check off my year's list)
  • Read about 50% of Fiction-Writing Modes by Mike Klaassen
For being a sick week, I feel it was an extremely productive week, and my heart is full of gratitude for the Lord giving me the strength and ability to work!

I will probably wait and release this in July ("Christmas in July" ;) ), but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at short story #1 finished:

And then here is the first paragraph from short story #2!

These are both in the hands of beta readers and will probably need some editing before they're released. You can be sure I'll mention something about them when release dates are set. ;)

From My Desk
For those of you who aren't on social media, here are some things I've posted on FaceBook and Instagram the past week:

Letter writing... it has been far too many months since I’ve done this! I challenge you: send someone a handwritten note in the next week! It will be a blessing to them!

Exact goal met for rough draft. Now that’s a first!

Teaching my sister how to format books! I love being able to share the things I enjoy with my younger sisters. What interests do you share with your siblings?

Goals for this week:
This week, I resume teaching. That means I likely will not have as much writing time. So, in considering that, I would like to...
  • Write 2000 words
  • Finish reading Fiction-Writing Modes
  • Start a research book
What were you able to accomplish this first week of 2018?
What are your goals for this coming week?
And feel free to answer my questions from social media posts. :) Those are always fun to read!


Ryana Lynn said...

I was able to finally figure out my mistakes in my Gettysburg story! I had to do some back tracking, but I really feel at peace with this setting!

Ohh!Can't wait to read your new stories! They sound very interesting!

I've recently been writing letters too!Nothing like a handwritten note!

Too neat reaching your exact goal!My rough draft for my 4th Civil War book was exactly 100,000 and exactly 400 pages long!Cue editing!

It's always fun passing along your passion to others!I've been read some stuff to my younger brother that I had laid aside. He loves it and I might just pick it back up. Does your sister plan to publish?

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - cheers!!!! That is wonderful progress! Even if it's back-tracking, figuring out mistakes make it worthwhile in the end. :)
Thank you! :) I'm hoping to focus on them on the weekends, to polish them up and make them suitable for the public eye. ;)
Wow! 100k is massive editing to do! My condolences. ;)
Siblings are great like that, to keep us motivated. :) No, my sister isn't ready to publish anything yet. One day, hopefully!!

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