Tuesday, January 30, 2018

1/12 Writing Update

Has the first month of 2018 passed already? (okay, almost passed... one day left) It went by in a haze for me! January did not go at all how I had hoped or planned, but it was still a good month in which the Lord taught me many lessons.

Goals from January
Before the whole month's update, let's see what was done last week.
  • Goal: Write 1,000 words
    • 275 words
  • Goal: Edit Leviathan
    • made about halfway progress in editing
  • Goal: Read 20 pages in The Bowyer's Bible
    • Read 21 pages (ha! ;) )
  • Goal: Start another research book
    • Eh... not really
So yeah, this last week was not a very productive week in the writing realm. Life had other things in store (like teaching 2 1/2 days, attending a Piano Festival, an out-of-state day trip, and being wiped out for 2 days), so I'm really okay with not having accomplished as much. Considering the week I had, I am truly grateful for what I did accomplish!

I'm once again hesitant to put out goals for this coming week, but let's try same goals as last week.
  • Edit Leviathan
  • Write 1,000 words
  • Read 20 pages in Bowyer's Bible
We shall see what the Lord allows to happen. :)

Now, the fun part. What was I able to do in the month of January?
  • Finished rough drafts for two short stories
    • "Quest for Leviathan"
    • "Finding Christmas Joy"
  • Got  "Quest for Leviathan" out to beta readers and received their feedback!
  • Wrote 7,355 words total
    • Which makes a bit over 200/words-a-day average!
  • Finished reading one book on the writing craft
  • Finished reading one research book
  • Kept regularly updated on social media
    • For the most part. ;) This makes four consecutive Tuesdays in a row posting writing updates on the blog, so yay! And my FaceBook and Instagram have been more active...maybe not consistent, but better than last month, so that counts for something!
Honestly, considering that I operated at about 50% energy level the entire month (HUGE praise: this past Sunday, I was able to play piano with wonderful energy!!! I have really missed my piano! as well as pretty much every other aspect of life that takes energy to live ;) ), I really am thankful for this progress--and appreciate so many people praying for me!

Now for the extra-fun part: 
What did the Lord enable you to do this month? How many goals did you reach?

I know that it may seem a bit monotonous to have goals posted weekly, but it has really helped me to accomplish much more than I would have been inclined to do otherwise. So thanks for bearing with me in the goals!

From my Feed
I wasn't as active on social media (for reasons given above), but here's a glimpse!

From Monday:

From Friday:

Me: getting on Leviathan to resolve to “just two” of these comments.
Also me: hoping I’ll just get caught up in editing 
and will have energy to finish it all tonight.

Who else edits best at night?

From Saturday:

Also on Saturday (that night)
True story: my sister and I have both been reading
 paperbacks by Kindle-light tonight. 
Please tell me we’re not alone here!


Ryana Lynn said...

Glad you're feeling better! I was able to complete edits on my WIP this month! And I consistently blogged every week on my blog. That's been a huge goal of mine. And I've been able to do some research for My next series! It's still a ways from the actual writing stage, but I like to get a head start.

God is Good!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - it's late in coming, but fantastic with your editing in January!! AND for consistently blogging. :) Have you been able to continue that?

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