Saturday, August 5, 2017

Books I Read - July 2017

I seriously thought July would be a few-in-number book month. It actually wasn't. Part of that was because I accidentally "over-booked" my reading schedule (pun intended ;) ) -- I stopped being as organized when I requested books, and suddenly, there I was, required to read one book a week. But, a nice, long trip to Colorado as well as other car time and "recovery days" after crazy busy days all worked together and I'm finally caught up.

So... the books I read! There were some great ones! As well as some not-so-great-for-me.

First, my favorites.

Just get this book. It was amazing!! Tozer gave wonderful food for thought, was strong Biblically and historically... yeah. I really liked The Wisdom of God. For more of my thoughts, hop over to Goodreads.

I had just been moaning to a friend about not having found any "can't-put-down" books when Over Maya Dead Body came onto my shelf. I had to put it down, but I never wanted to. I'm not sure if it was Orchard's style or the intrigue of art combined with FBI, but I really liked this one (amazingly, even though it had more romance than I usually prefer). You can read more details here.

And... of course. Roseanna White. :) It didn't make five stars, but I still really, really liked this one so it has to go in my top-three. :D And I did a little fan-girling in my review.

Then there were other great books...

Hmm... maybe this should go in my top-favorites of the month. I've been waiting for years to read book three in the Ancient Words Series and was not disappointed. If you like following families, then this series is for you! Keep your eye out--I'll be reviewing it here on the blog next week!

My first Karen Witemeyer book! I'll be reading more. The romance was a little stronger than I prefer, but the storyline was gripping! Read more of my thoughts here.

I got to read two Sarah Holman books this month! Well... I read the first, and listened to the second. Read my reviews for both Dreams and Devotions and "Admirable."

And the others...
I'll be honest. July also had some disappointing reads. Not all of these were the same level of disappointing. In general, though, each of them had some elements that kind of... "weirded" me out. You can see why in the reviews.

This one wasn't as bad. I termed it "disturbingly interesting." Maybe I'm just not one for suspense... But read my review of it here.

This one... *shudders* This one I wanted off my hands as soon as I finished it. I don't like to give two-star reviews at all, but this one had to have it. You can read why here. Yeah. Maybe I'm just not one for suspense.

And this one... I'm not a poetry lover by default but that wasn't what bothered me. There were a couple of things included that were Biblically-off. I tend to have a problem with those types of things. You can see a little more here.

In conclusion...
This month's reads almost left me feeling strongly opinionated. I don't care for that feeling. But... there were some books I loved, and some I just didn't quite love. 

How about you? What have you read this summer? Any favorites? Any not-so-favorites?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews. Have a great week end.

Salinn said...

This July I read Love without Limits. Have you read that? I really liked it. I also read a mystery that was really good. I'm having a memory blank though and can't remember the name. Lol.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Marilyn - you're quite welcome! My weekend was great, thanks!

@ Salinn - ooh, a book I've not read yet. :) I just Googled it and it looks like such an interesting read! Haha! I'd have memory lapse on all of the titles I read if it wasn't for keeping track of them on Goodreads!

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