Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Days 28-30

Today marks the completion of the Give Thanks challenge by KBR Ministries. Taking a month to sit down and really think about all that God has blessed me with has been humbling. Who am I that God should so richly bless me??? And yet He has. Over, and over, and over again. Even in difficult situations, God sprinkles His blessings throughout. What an amazing God we serve!!!!!

I am thankful for . . .

November 28
   190. Friends turning their backs on us - it strengthens our relationship with God and each other in the family
   191. The challenges that grow us
   192. Chocolate!
   193. The guidance and reassurance found in God's Word
   194. Another year to live, learn, and grow
   195. Money - not to hoard, but to use wisely and bless others; to learn hard lessons by
   196. The strength to stand alone

November 29
   197. The ability to sing together as a family and minister
   198. Council on Aging and Grace Nursing Home, who have endured us learning instruments and singing with love
   199. The blessing of being home-schooled all my life (thanks for the reminder, Patience!)
   200. Iron-sharpening friends
   201. Godly authors whose goal is to write to please and honor God
   202. Old hymns and new, solid Christian songs
   203. Trust in God for my future

November 30
   204. Theological discussions (not to be confused with heated debates :))
   205. The cross of Christ and Jesus' blood
   206. Truth - the world is full of lies, but God's Word is total truth!
   207. Pillows
   208. Devotional books
   209. Things God has been teaching me
   210. The Lord allowing me to get most of a project done yesterday

Did you do this challenge or one similar? If so, comment and I'd love to check out your blog.


Anonymous said...

:-) Oh, this one was wonderful! I really enjoyed these posts, Amanda - they really helped me to be thankful, and gave me a lot to ponder and remember! May we be thankful all the year long. The one about friends turning their backs on you really touched me. I hadn't thought of it in that light before.

Love and blessings,


Amanda said...


I enjoyed these posts as well. Finding 210 things to be thankful for (well . . . a few less as I realize I had many duplicates :)) was both humbling and wonderful!! I am starting to think of something to do all year 2013 with thanksgiving . . . because when we focus on God's blessings on us instead of the darkness of the circumstances around us, it helps us to keep a right perspective of things - at least, such is the case for me. :)

Thanks for your comment.


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