Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Days 20-23

I am thankful for . . .

November 20
     134. Housecleaning days – especially the end result :)
     135. Comfy sofas
     136. Blogs – both my own and those of sisters-in-Christ
     137. God’s unending patience with me
     138. Precious promises I can cling to when discouraged
     139. The ability to read and write
     140. Cereal and milk – not only is it yummy, but it eases the burden of breakfast prep on busy days!

November 21
     141. Modesty of the heart and body
     142. God seeing only the blood of His Son when He looks at me
     143. Creativity in baking and cooking
     144. God’s answers to everything in His Word
     145. Journals
     146. The gift of writing
     147. God’s provision of work for my Dad and brothers
November 22
     148. A day set aside to be thankful (though thanksgiving should be daily for believers)
     149. Grandparents and our great aunt and uncle to spend the day with
     150. God’s provision so that we could have a good Thanksgiving meal
     151. Our family being all together another Thanksgiving
     152. The sweet tradition of our family spending time reflecting on God’s faithfulness and blessings
     153. God’s many, many, many blessing!
     154. Good health . . . no food allergies

November 23
     155. A close-knit family with good relationships
     156. The blessing to grow up without the world’s junk
     157. Family-centered traditions
     158. My baby sister getting better from her cold – that it didn’t turn into pneumonia
     159. Having to be dependent as a woman – dependent on God, my father, and one day, my husband
     160. Slow, relaxing days to “catch-up” after busyness
     161. God’s Word being alive today – piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit.


Anonymous said...

Again, this was lovely! It seems to me they get better and better. :-)

I have a thanks to add - "Great, godly books and Christian writers", and "the freedom and blessings of homeschooling".

With love,

Amanda said...

Ah! How DID I miss those two?? I shall steal your ideas, for those are wonderful things to be thankful for added to the other hundreds of things! :)


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