Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Days 16-19

I am thankful for . . .
November 16
     106. The sweetness of God’s Word
     107. Coffee
     108. Fun photo-shoots
     109. My brother’s electricity work
     110. My Dad and brothers’ carpentry work
     111. My sisters’ and Mom’s crafting skills
     112. God giving diverse talents and gifts to our family

November 17
     113. Vehicles that run
     114.       Our big van’s problems – God has kept it up and running with a “skip and a prayer”
     115. Music recitals – the ability to see students’ improvements
     116. The ability to preserve videos, pictures, letters, etc.
     117. Color
     118. Music books – and the ability to read them :)
     119. My 100+ year-old violin that God gave to me

November 18
     120. A beautiful time reflecting on God’s grace and blessings at church today
     121. Everyone that attends Old Paths Baptist Church
     122. Purity – and how God gives strength to stay pure physically, spiritually, and emotionally
     123. “Cast all your cares upon Him” – we don’t have to bear our burdens alone!
     124. God being in control over my life, my family’s life, and my friends’ lives
     125. Hymn-books – a treasury of Gospel songs
     126. Walks down the road

November 19
     127. Volley-ball games
     128. Good time spent with our friends, B and C
     129. God’s protection during travel
     130. Piano students who give me a little trouble – they teach me much-needed patience!
     131. How God directs me in each lesson – random ideas that He gives!
     132. The thrill of seeing students “catch on” to a concept
     133. Check-lists and routines


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and wonderful things to be thankful for, Amanda! God is too good to us. :-)

Blessings and love,


Amanda said...

Having days and days to reflect on things to be thankful for has really made me realize God's goodness and blessings in my life. I am truly blessed abundantly above and beyond I could think or imagine!!! With all that I am listing, there are many, many, many more things that I do not even realize I *should* be thankful for!!!! God is indeed GOOD.


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