Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Days 8-11

I am thankful for . . .
November 8
     50. Thought-provoking, “painful” books :)
     51. Thrift-stores (especially when I can find what I need in less than ten minutes! :))
     52. God’s hand of safety as we travel
     53. God reaching down and saving my Mom and her brothers – creating a new godly generation
     54. My “second-set-of-grandparents” – Uncle Reuben and Aunt Iris
     55. God allowing me to know my Dad’s mom for 21 years, and the assurance that she and Grandpa are now in heaven
     56. The way that God answers our prayers – according to His will, not mine

November 9
     57. The ability to memorize Scripture
     58. Hot water
     59. Missions’ conference
     60. Sweaters – keeping warm in cold weather!
     61. The Psalms
     62. God’s ways being perfect . . . always!!!
     63. Self-Confrontation – a Bible course by BCF

November 10
     64. The ability to read God’s Word every day!
     65. Green plants – freshness!
     66. God’s grace that is able to help us keep commitments
     67. The protection God has given us in traveling to the Bible Conference in Mississippi
     68. The peace that God gives
     69. The ability to understand God’s Word
     70. God allowing me to be just a little “techy” – I know that He has a reason for it! :)

November 11
     71. God allowing our family to sing at Enon Baptist Church and Shiloh Baptist Church
     72. Brothers and sisters in Christ that we meet
     73. Pizza! :)
     74. The ability to breathe
     75.  Daily devotions
     76. Teasing and light-heartedness
     77. Sleeping in . . . after l-a-t-e nights!

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