Friday, May 11, 2018

Joey | Book Review

I like to balance my reading diet with several non-fiction books. I didn’t know anything about the horse, Joey, when I picked this book to review. But by the time I finished the book, Joey was definitely no stranger. The book takes you along the journey of how Kim Tschirret began her horse ministry, Hope Reins. The first few chapters are more about Kim and Hope Reins than it is about Joey in particular. Then, there is a portion dedicated to Joey’s stable-pal, Speckles. I’d say more or less, the latter half is exclusively about Joey (and his trainers), though. For me, none of this was a problem. I enjoyed learning about Hope Reins and grew attached to Speckles.

Being that Hope Reins is a ministry for broken children, I was gearing myself up for some content that I would shudder at, but there wasn’t anything that would keep me from handing this book to a conservative teen. There was one mention of sexual abuse (and the words were used, that was the extent of the mention), but otherwise, the book focused more on where the children were at the point that they met Joey, and how he helped them in various ways. That was super sweet and amazing. If you’re one who cries easily, then this book will definitely have you in tears.

There was definitely spiritual content in this book. I’m not going to say that I agree 100% with everything, but there wasn’t anything doctrinally that concerned me in this book. It was more of a testimony book than a preaching book. And I was very interested to see how different people were affected by the ministry at Hope Reins.

I definitely recommend this book and found it easy to read for a non-fiction.

*I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers and happily provided my honest review*

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