Friday, May 25, 2018

Countdown to Release Day: 14 days, ordering print copies!

The time is getting nearer and nearer... "Quest for Leviathan" is getting ready to be launched. :) I'm super excited for this release and am looking forward to a fantastic blog tour (more on that another day).

I don't know how faithful I'll be with the countdown, but today marks just two weeks until release! Readers have already been reading and reviewing it on Goodreads and I am blown away by their kind words. God is so good!

Today I'm preparing to make my first paperback order! Would you like to reserve a signed copy? They are $8 plus $2.75 shipping (USA only). Send me an email at and I'll be happy to be sure to order enough to send one your way.

I'm still working on getting 99 reviewers. I am just three away! So if you'd like to read a free e-copy of "Quest for Leviathan," hop over and sign up and I'll send one your way! Or, if you've already read it and can think of a reader friend who also might enjoy it, then send them to the sign-up form.

Until later!

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