Saturday, May 26, 2018

Countdown to Release: 13 Days, How Did it All Begin?

Every story begins with an idea. Sometimes, they’re big ideas, and sometimes they’re small. Sometimes, I get an idea that has great potential, but I have absolutely no clue where it’s going from there. That was what happened with “Quest for Leviathan.” 

It was June 2017 and I was reading through Job when the idea came. I jotted down a thought in my phone and saved it for later ponderings. The entirety of the idea? “A boy whose father was killed by Leviathan. He is angry at L, and he is angry at God—yet just like Job needed to realize the power of God, so does he.”

Little did I know that this idea was one that would take a full year to get from idea to publication ("Just a short story" should be easy, right? Not so with "Quest for Leviathan!" but looking back, God's timing is impeccable and He knew that June 2018 was exactly when I needed to publish this story!)

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