Saturday, November 4, 2017

Color Index XL (this graphic designer's happy book)

This book makes my graphic designing heart happy. For the longest time, I had said that I wasn’t very artsy. It turns out I just need a little direction with art. Colors are one of those things that get to me. I don’t always know what goes with what, so I tend to stick with the few, safe options that I know. Not anymore! Wow! This book is basically stuffed with color palettes—all with CMYK and RGB codes to replicate. Added to that, it begins with a few pages of color theory and information. Since I’ve never taken any art classes but just jumped into graphic designing as a hobby, this is super useful to have on hand. It explains hue, saturation, value, the color wheel, and how to use color substitutes. It demonstrates how to apply one color palette to a design and get various results. This is the type of book that I will be using for years to come and never get tired of.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books and happily provided my honest review*

P.S. I just have to include a picture of the inside. Isn't it so cool?!?! There are about 300 pages like this.

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