Tuesday, October 24, 2017

When Life Hands you Writing Days!

Last Monday, I woke up planning to be very flexible with my week. As you saw from last week's post, life kind of took a crazy turn. Things have settled back down for now--but I want to thank you all so very much for your prayers!

Now, back to writing... I seriously did keep my free hours of the week open, planning on being available if something came up and I was needed elsewhere. Would you know, though, that out of the last two months, last week gave me the most writing time I've had?! God is so good! I seriously feel a bit spoiled. ;) All of that to say...

Yep. You see an "Edited" stamp on every single chapter for Nat's story!!! As of Friday, Nat's story is now in the hand of the beta-readers. I'm still going to project a Spring 2018 release. I imagine once I get my readers' feedback in, I'll have some more editing to do! And you never know when someone may make that great suggestion that calls for a little rewriting.

So... I'm currently in between projects! It's such an odd feeling to have! I also realized... soon I'm going to have to transport all of my Civil War books back into my closet-bookshelf and out of my study-bookshelf, to make room for the next book's research! I have a lot of planning to do for book two in Nat's series (which, as a way of update, I have both a series' title AND titles for all three books in it!! Can't share quite yet... but I can't wait to tell y'all!).

Last week was an exciting week for me! But do you ever get that feeling of, "Wow. This is done, now what?" I mean, I've been working on Nat's story off-and-on for the last 1 1/2 years (praying, praying that book two doesn't take me that long!). I'm still praying for wisdom with the next thing to focus on! Your prayers are also appreciated! :)

What are you up to this week? Anything exciting happen for you last week?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your finished series.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Marilyn - thanks so much!!

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