Thursday, October 5, 2017

Five Missionary Books | Five Fall Favorites Day 4

Today, we're heading to the barn to discuss some favorites. Maybe view it like a fall fellowship where we gather with laughing, music, and books of course!

Also be sure to stop by Rebekah's blog to read everyone else's posts and catch up on some wonderful missionary books today! And guess what, guess what?! We've had 75 entrants into the giveaway which means there is now going to be a second place winner!!!! Spread the news because the party is just getting better!!! :)

Relax, and let's talk about some wonderful books that are very worthwhile reading! This has proven a glaring defect in my recent reading diet. While I have balanced non-fiction and devotional books with fiction, it has been years since I've sat down and read a passel of missionary books or Christian biographies, so I don't remember which ones I actually liked or not. I'm going to throw in a few devotional books as well.

Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose

This remains one of my favorite women missionary stories ever. It's not just a missionary story, but a missionary/POW story.

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Bruchko by Bruce Olsen

This one was fascinating, however, I didn't find that he was 100% Biblical in everything he did (you'll have to read my review for that though). His faith... that was amazing!

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God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew

This is one of those books that I feel every believer should read. I waited way too long before I read it. And it is an amazing, wonderful read!

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Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand

I initially thought that this book might dwell too much on the tortures for me (I don't think we should avoid knowing about Christians being tortured, it's just that sometimes the writers glory in the torture, and not so much in God). This book, though, was amazing and I left it praising God for the wonderful examples of others before me.

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Chappie by Alton E. Carpenter

Best for last. This isn't exactly a missionary story. Uncle Alton was a chaplain in WWII, so in a sense, he kind of was a missionary. At any rate, yes, he's one of my former relatives, but I don't think my view of his book is in any way biased, as anyone we've given it to to read has loved it as well. It is an amazing journal of a man who decided to follow God's call to leave the church he was pastoring to minister to the soldiers as they were on the field. Uncle Alton was right there with them, in the heat of many major battles. Yet so often, he would just stop and reflect on the beauty of God in nature. Yeah... it is amazing.

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What missionary books do you like?

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Ryana Lynn said...

Evidence not Seen! I love that book! Such a strong testimony of God's power and protection!
Also Missionaries with the Millers! I've heard the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand but I haven't read his book yet, it's on my tbr pile ;)

CutePolarBear said...

It's curious- at least two of those books have already been suggested. :P


Bethany R. said...

I've heard of God's Smuggler but I haven't read it yet.

Rebekah said...

Wonderful list there, Amanda! I've heard of "Chappie" but I haven't gotten to read it yet. I want to though. "Evidence Not Seen" is a powerful story. I got to watch a video of her actually telling her own story. That was incredible!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of four of these books! God's Smuggler is so good!

Faith P. said...

I've saw Evidence Not Seen and God's Smuggler on others' lists today. They must be good! :) Chappie sounds good too.

Jewels said...

God's Smuggler is DeFinITely a favorite of mine. Evidence Not Seen looks really good!! I LOVE missionary and Christian biographies. I recently read By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith by Isobel Kuhn. It was an excellent book with tons of wisdom in it that has helped me in my walk with God, and maybe I'll read the sequels to her book someday. Rebekah's Diary by Rebekah Pearl was really insightful into the realities of missionary life that most people don't seriously consider or 'see' in other missionary books. I'm excited to see what others have on their lists today!

Victoria said...

Tortured for Christ is on my TBR now!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list and suggestions.

Olivia Bell (aka Livy) said...

Oh, I'm about to read God's Smuggler and Tortured For Christ! My all time favorite missionary book is Kissed from Katie by Katie Davis. I'm currently reading the sequel, Daring to Hope that released 2 days ago, it's amazing!!! :D I actually feel called to be a missionary to Uganda, where those two books are based, and I'm trusting God to take me there in the future! :D

Liberty Bluebelle said...

Hey, you have my two favorites there! Evidence Not Seen (the bananas and Mr. Yamaji!) and God's Smuggler are both amazing accounts of God's hand in people's lives and their relationship with Him. =D

Chappie is still on my TBR list from last time. =D

In Joy,

Liberty Bluebelle

"But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein,
he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work,
this man shall be blessed in his deed."
~James 1:25

Anonymous said...

Here are some missionary books I enjoyed: (no order)

1. “Adoniram Judson: America's First Foreign Missionary” by Faith Coxe Bailey (unfortunately, the edited version. I need to get the real copy).
2. “George Müller: He Dared to Trust God for the Needs of Countless Orphans” by Faith Coxe Bailey.
3. “David Livingstone: First to Cross Africa with the Gospel” by Mrs. J.H. Worcester, Jr.
4. “William Carey, Missionary Pioneer” by Kellseye M. Finnie.
5. “The Hidden Jewel (About Amy Carmichael)” by Dave & Neta Jackson.

-Katja L.

Jesseca Dawn said...

Ohh, I've never heard of "Chappie" but it sounds amazing! I must get my hand on it!!

Angela said...

Tortured For Christ was so astounding!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - Yes! You know, I thought about putting "Missionaries with the Millers" on my list. ;) I enjoyed that one as a kid.

@ CutePolarBear - you know what they say about the power of multiple recommendation. ;)

@ Bethany - oh you so should!!

@ Rebekah - I hope you get to "Chappie!" I've wanted to hear her actual testimony too, but haven't yet.

@ Anonymous - yes!

@ Faith - they are! I hope you get to check them out!!

@ Jewels - thanks for stopping by and commenting--those sound like great books!

@ Victoria - YES!

@ Marilyn - you're welcome!

@ Olivia - yay, yay! Uganda? Our church supports a local missionary there (Bro. Peter is big into combating the witchcraft and child sacrifice; amazing stories!)

@ Liberty - yeah, I think those two will be on my "all time favorites!!" :) I hope you get to "Chappie" someday!

@ Katja - great list! Thanks for sharing!

@ Jesseca - yes, oh, yes, you must!

@ Angela - it is!!

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