Saturday, October 14, 2017

Books I Read - September 2017

Due to last week's Five Fall Favorites fun, I'm a week behind getting my "books I read" up. But here they are! Thanks to a trip to Louisiana plus a full week of revival services an hour away, I got in quite a bit of reading time!

My Favorites
Ooh, I had two favorites this month!!

This book. Y'all. I really, really needed the reminder of how blessed I am and to make a conscious effort to BE grateful! I actually listened to this as an audiobook, but it was so, so good! I highly recommend it! (A more cohesive review here)

And this book!!! When I realized this was a legal thriller, I went, "Ugh..." cause I'm not so into legal things. But it was amazing. Hands-down my favorite mystery book that I've read this year. Full review with more details here.

No, make that three favorites, because I really liked...

Can you even imagine what it would be like to be blind in the twin towers? Yeah. This was an amazing read. More of my thoughts here.

Non-Fiction Books
I tried to make it an effort to read a little more non-fiction this month. That being said, I pulled out one photography book that I had begun in January and finished it, and then got another photography book to review and read it.

Review here.

Review here (note: this is excellent for most photographers, no matter what equipment you have)

Other Fiction
And... we reach the part where I dump all of the info about other books I've read. ;) I was really excited to finish this series:

I really, really liked book one so was looking forward to books two and three. Unfortunately, they didn't appeal to me quite as much as the first book. I think it's because the first book had a somewhat balance viewpoint of North/South and the conclusion to the series made the South seem more stereotypical. So yeah... each of these kind of got a three-star from me. If you've read them, I'd love to hear your thoughts! As it stands, you may see my reviews for book two and book three on Goodreads.

After featuring this for a First Line Fridays post, I realized how very much I wanted to re-read it! So... I did! (the one luxury of making myself not agree to review-read everything that comes in my email: I have more time to read just whatever I want ;) ) It's truly a sweet book. I can see how some people may not like Janette Oke's style. She definitely has an "older" voice but you've gotta love it for that era. I decided to give it five stars.

Last but not least, I read two WWII books!!

By one of my author-friends, I enjoyed this cute story. It wasn't quite realistic to me (I just visited the WWII museum so maybe my critical eye is a bit harsher?), but it was a very good story! My full review is here.

My first book to read by Melody Carlson. It was a cute story, not my favorite ever, but not bad either. I really did love pulling out a Christmas story to read! I haven't read many of them, and already this year, I think I've agreed to review three (three more Christmas books than I read last year!). Back to this book, though, I did give it four stars, and you can see my thoughts here.

Do you re-read books?
What are some non-fiction books that you enjoy?
What about Christmas books? Read them or not?


Ryana Lynn said...

I do re-read books, but I haven't had time lately :(

I enjoyed Beloved Bride by Bill Potter and Manhunt:The chase for Lincoln's killer by James Swanson. (That one required some editing but I loved how it was non-fiction but read like a novel.) Also Christ in the Camp by J. William Jones and The South was Right! By Walter and James Kennedy. (Even if one disagrees with the South in the Civil War, this book is jam packed with accurate information on culture, economics and history. Everything's backed up with facts, so it's not a random, hateful rant.)

I love Christmas books! My favorites are Wind Chimes by Victoria Minks, Christmas Comes to Sunflower by Sarah Maxwell and A Bird Family Christmas. Not sure who the author is. I encourage all writers to write at least one Christmas story. There's not enough!

Anonymous said...

I have started reading Christmas books. I like to start reading Christmas books in September because I like to read some of the Christmas magazines. Thank you for your September reads. I will definitely look into reading some of them. God Bless You and Yours.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana – same here, same here!! It was so funny…as I read through your list of books, you made me think a lot of one of my other friends. ;) She’s been trying to get me to read “Christ in the Camp” and just gave me “The South was Right!” My issue is always time. ;) Ah, such fun Christmas titles! I haven’t read any of those. :) I may write a Christmas story someday. ;)

@ Marilyn – Christmas in September—that sounds like a nice plan! You’re welcome. I’m happy to share good reads with others.

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