Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Secret Slipper | Cover Reveal 09

Here it is!!!! The full cover that you've so patiently been awaiting! What has been your favorite quote so far? The most enticing? The most confusing? ;)

I completely forgot to mention that my friend, Elizabeth, with SunKissed Photography, is the mastermind behind "Lia." You can view her work here.


Olivia said...

Love the cover :) Suits the book perfectly!

Lilly Shyree said...

Hi Amanda. The bottom picture is going to be the cover of my book that I'm going to publish soon. Did you get permission from Elizabeth Tate to use the picture?

- Lilly Shyree (

Amanda T. said...

@ Olivia - thank you! :)

@ Lilly - really? How neat! Lizzie didn't mention that someone else was using it. Yes, I got permission. But that made me realize that I completely forgot to put credit in there!!

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