Friday, March 31, 2017

First Line Fridays | 3.31.2017

I'm veering from favorite authors today and just doing a favorite book. I've read a few of Tracie Peterson's books, but I didn't like most of them near as much as this one.

Far-off screams filled the air and rattled six-year-old Jimmy Colton's bones.
(from Beyond the Silence by Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse)

You've got to like at least a little suspense to enjoy this novel. Just saying. My review is here for those interest.

Grab a book near you and share a first line!
Do you like suspenseful books?

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Becky Smith said...

Oops! I posted my first line on Chautona's review.
My first line is from For the Love of Grace by Kimberly Rae Jordan
“Grace Anderson stared straight ahead at the white wall of a small hospital room.”

Beth Erin said...

I listened to this book on audible, very good! I do enjoy suspense as long as it doesn't cross the line to thriller! I like action but I don't want to be terrified ;)

I'm starting The Memory of You by Catherine West today!

The wood-paneled walls of the boardroom were closing in.

Andie said...

Haven't read this book. That first line grabs you for sure!

Kay Garrett said...

From My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela’s Quandary by Susan Page Davis
You get out there, and I mean now.

englishmysteriesblog said...

I do like suspenseful books, and I love Tracie Peterson. :)

agboss said...

My first line is: “Lucy knew she was going to regret this.”

~Love, Lies & Typewriters: A Wartime Western Romance Novella
by Heather Blanton

Anne Rightler said...

My first encounter with light as more than illumination from a flashlight was on our homestead in Alaska at age five.
Introduction to Who Told You That You Were Naked by William E Combs

Debbie Clatterbuck said...

I am reading Beyond the Silence now and am liking it so much so far. I love Tracie Peterson's books. Had to grab the first book beside me at the moment. My first line is “An angel of light stood before me, blonde, beautiful, one hand behind his back.” From Widow by Denise Weimer.

Sarah said...

I do not read a lot of fiction anymore but when I was in high school I liked the John Saul novels, which had elements of suspense mixed with horror. One of my top-five all time favorite books though is 'And Then There Were None', by Agatha Christie, which is one of the great suspense-mystery novels. Happy Friday!

Jessica Baker said...

Oooh I read this book a while ago. I really enjoyed it!!

Dinh@Arlene's Book Club said...

"Bernadette had been dead two weeks when her sisters showed up in Doyle's living room asking for the statue back." - Run by Ann Patchett.

Happy Reading!

Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

Kathleen Denly said...

I do enjoy a little suspense so long as it doesn' overpower the romance. This first line sounds heartwrenching. I can already see possible tears in the reader's future.

Caryl Kane said...

My first line comes from A LOVE SURRENDERED by Julie Lessman

Boston, Massachusetts, May 1932

So help me, if I get caught tonight, Peggy Pankow’s name is “Mud”.

Amanda T. said...

Thank you all for your comments and sharing the first lines!! It was fun to read through them all. :)

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