Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Take My Life, and Let it Be | Music Video

Another first for WAJN: Violin quartet. :) I have enjoyed arranging for string ensembles for a few years now, but as with most things, I tend to do it when I have a specific reason to do it. Well, now with about ten violin students, I have a reason! We have a homeschool tea coming up, and one of the coordinators asked if I could get a few of my students to pull something together. The theme of the tea is "Celebrating our Individuali-tea." I thought there was no better hymn to use than "Take My Life," because no matter how different we are, God can still use our lives for His purposes.

I recorded myself (double and triple ;) ) so that everyone could hear the song as a completion.

If you're interested in the music, it can be purchased here.

Do you play violin? If so, have you ever played in an ensemble or orchestra?

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