Monday, January 2, 2017

Scripture Graphics 20

 (yes, I designed two with the same verses)

I love this testimony of Amos. The Lord took him from where he was faithfully doing what he was supposed to do, and called him to prophesy. I think today, so many people want to "do big things" for God that they neglect to stay faithful to do what He currently has them to do.


This verse hit me in a new way this morning. I was pressed for time and couldn't do my devotions like normal -- you know, get "my list" checked off in my preferred time. Then I ran across this verse. Though it applies to walks of life and possessions, it applied to me. Was I coveting others' "freer" time? Was I content to take a different approach to my devotion-time than usual? God is God and He is faithful when I seek Him -- that faithfulness is not contingent upon "if I read so many chapters" or "say so many memory verses." It is not an excuse to neglect devotions, but His grace is sufficient--He doesn't leave me in the busy days.

When we reach the lowest point, when our soul faints, what is our response? Do we go to friends -- or to God? Do we ask others to pray -- or do we pray ourselves?

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