Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back at 2016...

This morning, I just slightly reviewed 2016… meaning, I haven’t gone back into my day-by-day journal to see exactly what 2016 entailed. Just hitting the highlights by memory, 2016 has seriously been a crazy roller-coaster of a ride.

- We moved into our new house
- Daniel (sibling #4) got married
- Christopher (sibling #2) got engaged
- Elizabeth (sibling #6) got a promise ring
- Samuel (sibling #7) gave a promise ring
- Helped with a ladies’ retreat in LA
- Headed up the Louisiana home-school convention’s children program (for the first time)
- Helped with Mississippi church camps
- Helped with LA flood relief

- Started working with children’s Bible Drills on Wednesday nights
- Read way too many books (something to the tune of 66 books)
- Bought my new laptop (and, in all of that, saw in an amazing way God’s faithful provision in my personal life)

- Published my first novella (Journey to Love)
- Published my second novella (Befriending the Beast)
- Published my first non-fiction work (Me? Teach Piano?)
- Published one short story (“Letter of Love”)
- Finished rough-draft for one novel (Journey of Choice), one novella (The Secret Slipper), and one short story (to be titled), ready for editing in 2017

- Went from 10 students in January to 30 students in December
- Moved into my (hopefully) permanent music studio
- Published “Surrender” piano book
- Started selling music on Sheet Music Plus
- Published over 30 individual songs on WAJN and SMP
- Recorded over 25 songs and published on YouTube
- Recorded my first Christmas piano album

I know that since this is all coming off my unreliable memory (ask my students how bad it is ;)), I am probably missing something. I realize I didn’t include the random photography and graphics design jobs I had nor the dozens of 3+ hour trips to Louisiana, but I think I hit all the big things.

2016 was an amazing year… but I would be lying if I said it was an easy year. Now, looking back on ALL that happened, I think it makes sense why it was a tough year. :) A lot of changes happened, particularly with my siblings. A lot of work has been done. And through it all, as I reflect, I can see how very faithful my God is; how much He has cared for me and helped me through this year. I have no clue what 2017 holds (Lord willing at least one sibling married and a few books published… ;)), but whatever comes up, I know Who holds tomorrow! Here’s to another exciting year!

What are some of your 2016 highlights?


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and yours a blessed,healthy and happy 2017.
Marilyn and family

Olivia said...

Wow!! Isn't it amazing when you put the year in review to see what all was accomplished!? A couple of my biggest highlights of the year was viiting the States and completing my longest novel yet (nearly 66,000 words)!

Phoebe Knapp said...

Wow, you had a lot happen. Y'all have been busy!!!!!!
A few of my highlights are: I doubled my goat herd, I bought a tablet, and I started my first book!!

Hope your family has a very happy New Year.

Rebekah said...

I'd say you've been busy. :) And you still found time to design a cover for one of my short stories, and participate in our Top 5 blog party. Wow!
I hope you are able to get the writing done that you are hoping for this year. :) I enjoy your stories.

Amanda T. said...

@ Marilyn - thank you so much! May your 2017 be blessed as well!

@ Olivia - Yes, it's definitely something looking at it all together in retrospect. Yay on the novel!! :)

@ Phoebe - yes indeed! :) Those are some very exciting events in 2016. :) Looking forward to more of that book this year. ;)

@ Rebekah - there are definitely a lot of things that didn't make it to the list (due to my inability to remember :P ;) ). Thanks so much for your encouragement with my writing! :D

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