Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hook, yarn...afghan!

Okay, so now I'm just getting corny with craft post titles. ;) If you didn't see last week's title, you probably won't get it. ;) And no, I probably won't have a craft done for next week, but I figured that since I HAD them this week and last, I'd just as soon post them. Cause honestly, I like crafts, and in many ways,  I feel like technology is stealing us from being as creative with our hands (okay, okay, so I just need to speak for myself here...). So, if you haven't done a hand craft in a while, why don't you pick something up? All you need to do is a few minutes a day and before long, you'll be holding a completed project!

When my computer crashed in November, I picked up crocheting (for the first time in probably ten years), with a simple Granny Square pattern. It gave me something to keep my hands busy when watching movies or visiting with people (yes, I usually did computer work when watching movies; no, I can't keep still for long). Just finished it last weekend! And I think gray is my new favorite color!

What do you usually do when watching movies?
Do you do any hand crafts? If so, what kind?


Rosalyn said...

Oh my, I love it!!!!!!! I crochet as well! How long have you've been at it? I've made a couple afgans, but they're really small.

I can't do things when I watch a movie, I have to have my full attention on it. But I like to do my crocheting when visiting. :)

Liberty Bluebelle said...

*looks at old posts, finds "Paper, Scissors...Cards"* *laughs to self* That took less than 3 months to do? Methinks I might take up crocheting. =) Maybe that would be something I could get my hands to cooperate with. ;) Is there a particular pattern you followed?

~ Liberty

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."

Amanda Tero said...

@ Rosalyn - it's hard to say how long I've been "at" crochet. I crocheted for a few years when I was in my young teens, but it's probably been ten years since I'd picked up a hook when I decided to make the afghan. So faithfully, not super long. :) I'd love to see some pictures of your afghans! Are they Granny Square or other? I'm thinking about starting another afghan.

@ Liberty - haha. ;) Yeah, I was feeling slightly creative that day. ;) I will add the disclaimer that in those three months, I did more crochet than I did working on my other projects, and being that we were sick for a bit during that time, we also watched more movies than normal. I'm not sure I can get another three-month afghan in. But I hope you try it! I just did a Granny Square. When I realized I was getting short of my multi-colored yarn, Mom and I went to the store and found the gray. I saved a skein or two the multi-colored and after I did "enough" gray, went back to that, then back to gray. Just did it by eyeing it. ;) And by asking the opinions of my sisters/friends. :D

Rosalyn said...

@ Amanda - I'll send pictures when I reply to the email you sent ages ago!! ;) One of the afgans is one large granny square-I was trying to use my spare yarn up- the other one is not a granny square! Haha!

I love seeing pictures of afgans people have made and it always makes me a little jealous. I would like to make more, but sometimes it takes so long!!

Ashley said...

Dear Amanda,

What a fabulous job you did on that blanket! I love the colors. What stitch did you use? Did you follow a pattern or just make one up as you went?


Amanda Tero said...

@ Ashley -- thank you! Mom helped pick out the gray to go with it. I used a Granny Square pattern, which is the same stitch all the way around (basically three double-crochets together, chain two, etc.). It's a very simple pattern.

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