Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Now a Prologue | Writing Update

Today's writing update will be short (and I warn you beforehand that I may not get to one next week...I know, no big excuses or anything; just an upcoming weekend trip, a sister moving, and being back into teaching 25-30 lessons a week...).

After getting some great feedback from my first (wonderful, amazing, patient!) readers for "The Secret Slipper" and much prayer, I have decided to add a prologue to the story. Of course, adding a prologue like what I have added also changes a whole strand of Raoul's story...so I'm basically having to rewrite half of the novella. I'm actually totally fine with that, because when I was originally writing Raoul's part, I found myself "getting through it" so I could return to Lia. ;) I'm sorry... a peasant girl with a deformity is a little more alluring than a rich lord...

Before I share the first paragraph of my prologue, what have you been working on this week? (writing or not) Have you made good progress?

It was another grave. This time, a short one. Nele tossed the spade onto the unturned earth and stood straight. Mayhap the plague would take him next and spare him from seeing body after body go from healthy to dead. He was old enough. His aching back prompted that reminder. He had seen sufficient evil in this life to merit death now – he’d rather die himself than bury another child. Let alone, the lord’s child.
- excerpt from the prologue of The Secret Slipper by Amanda Tero

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