Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Leviathan on Tour (and comment update)

Hi everyone! So... I just got on Blogger to look up some things and noticed I had a whole passel of comments I had not even approved! Comments that Blogger didn't notify me of. :P So... if you've commented in the last two months (!!!?) thank you so much! I have now replied. ;)

Now, for Leviathan...

I'm so thankful for all of the different bloggers and reviewers who have taken their time to read and review "Quest for Leviathan!" To say that their reviews have been a blessing to me as an author is an understatement!

I would love for you to visit these bloggers and show some support!
Here are some excerpts from the tour...

"The action sequences were then portrayed well, and Anath’s spiritual struggle was gripping: I was on edge to know what he would decide." 
Read more on Written Rest

"This was such a good short story! I usually don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I was really able to enjoy this story in spite of that."
Finish reading on The World of the Writer

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Anath’s thirst for revenge and how God uses his hardships to reveal His divine plan to Anath."
Read more on Authoring Arrowheads

"What I really loved was how Miss Tero weaved in verses from the book of the Bible, Job. I didn’t even realize that until she mentioned it."

"It was crafted together with skill and the whole thing was well written. The drawings inside that went along with the story were amazing!"
Finish reading at Victoria's Book Nook

What first inspired "Quest for Leviathan?" Did the Lord teach me anything while writing it? Bekah asked some great questions!
Interview at Bekah's Books

"I love the names, I love the details, and I love that God is pointed to so clearly."

"I’ve said 'WOW!' a lot in reference to this novel. 'Wow' when I heard that Amanda was writing it, as in, 'Wow, I can’t wait to read that!' 'Wow' when I saw the cover. And, finally, 'Wow' when I finished the book."
And there's a bit more at Reveries Reviews

Another huge thank-you to all of you bloggers! I'm looking forward to seeing what the others post!

June 12 – Chosen Vessels (Spotlight, Review)
              My Purple Pen (Review)
              Read Another Page (Review)
June 13 – Once Upon an Ordinary (Review)
              Maidens for Modesty (Review)
              Yahweh Sisters (Review)
June 14 – Honey Rock Hills (Review)
              Life of Heritage Corner (Spotlight, Review, Interview, Giveaway)
              Kaylee’s Kind of Writes (Review, Interview)
June 15 – The Red-Hooded Writer (Review)
              Blossoms and Blessings (Spotlight, Review, Interview, Giveaway)
              Lit Aflame (Review, Interview)
June 16 – The Left-Handed Typist (Review)
              Encouraging Words from the Tea Queen (Review, Interview, Giveaway)
June 18 – Great Books for God’s Girls (Review, Interview)
              Peculiar Miss Darcy (Character Interview)
June 19 – Done in Love (Spotlight, Review, Interview, Giveaway)
              Creating Romance (Spotlight, Review, Giveaway)
June 20 – Keturah’s Korner (Review, Interview)
              Rock and Minerals 4 Him (Spotlight, Review, Giveaway)
June 21 – A Baker’s Perspective (Review, Giveaway, Character Spotlight)
              Christian Author: A.M. Heath (Review, Interview)
June 22 – Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections (Review)
              Views from the Window Friend (Review)
              Hunting for Truth (Spotlight, Review, Giveaway)
June 23 – Reading on the Edge (Spotlight)
              Summer Snowflakes (Review, Giveaway)
June 25 – With a Joyful Noise (Giveaway Winner Announced)

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