Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Countdown to Release: 2 days! Puzzle Fun

So... it's two days until release. Instead of anything informative or chatty, let's just have some fun. ;) I love putting together jigsaw puzzles, so why not do some of Leviathan?

I'll confess, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be!! It took me 4 minutes, 9 seconds to do it. :o Give it a try and see what time you can get (and comment!!). If the puzzle doesn't show below, go here to put it together.

And now that we had a tough one, let's just do the cover for an easier round. ;) This one took me 1 minute, 41 seconds (which I still felt was a little sluggish on my part). But! How do you do on this one? (link here if image doesn't show)


Ryana Lynn said...

What a neat idea! My times were 13:03 and 4:02. How did you do it?

Darcy Fornier said...

Took me 3 minutes 49 seconds for the drawing, and 1 minute 51 seconds for the cover. :)

Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - how fun! It's way easier on the computer than a phone, if you were on your phone. ;)

@ Darcy - wow, great job! :) You're fast!

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