Monday, June 4, 2018

Countdown to Release: 4 days, More Q&A

Last Monday, I featured three Q&A's from upcoming interviews. Today, here are three more Q&A's. I've been asked some really thought-provoking questions!

Q) What made you decide to write stories that bring glory to God?
A) This is actually a long story, but I hope to be brief and not bore you out here. I have loved writing since I was probably six. As I entered my teens, I began to write stories that were exciting and adventuresome, but I had a hard time finding how to fit God into my stories. I mean, I was a Christian, so I had to write Christian, right? I just couldn’t figure it out. I actually took a few years off fictional writing in my late teens because I just couldn’t come to peace with what I was writing and what I should be writing (and how to get there). In that time, I wrote blog posts and inspirational articles. I actually thought at one point that I’d not write fiction again. But, the Lord allowed me to bring it into my life again, and this time, I feel a peace with the balance He’s helped me to find. I don’t write Christian fiction just because I’m a Christian so I “have” to. I write Christian fiction because I personally believe that God has given me a gift in writing, and that He wants me to use it for His glory—and in writing inspirational fiction, I can bring to life spiritual lessons and Scriptural principals.

Q) Did writing Quest for Leviathan help you grow in your walk with God?
A) When I think back to the whole process of this story and the things I’ve been going through in life… I think the main thing God has taught me is along the lines of trust in Him (again). I’m a big schedule-person, but His timeline is perfect. Completely perfect. I wanted to have this short story done in one month, it took one year. But if it hadn’t taken a year, there are certain things that wouldn’t have been set in place for its release. Which is such a valuable lesson for me right now, as I’m about to start college (for the first time) and my writing may have to take back burner. God knows what He’s doing, and His timing for all of my ideas will be perfect!

Q) What do you hope readers will take away from Quest for Leviathan?
A) The main quote that the entire story wraps around is, “If we were to understand all of the ways of God and His workings, then we would be above mortal man, and God would not be God.” Not only do I want my readers to be reminded of the power of God, I also wish to remind them of Him as a personal Savior, and not just a big scary judge—because, while He is Judge, He also is loving and merciful.

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