Saturday, February 24, 2018

Short Story Success | Wordquill article

I'm on Wordquill again! This time, with an article dedicated to the process of short story writing. Even though I've written several short stories, I still have a lot to learn in the area. Here, I'm just mentioning the starting basics. I hope they're helpful to you!

Short stories, like all aspects of the written word, have taken their rise and fall in the course of time. Today, we not only have the timeless short stories of the past, but we also see writers daily adding to the plethora of short stories on the market. The short story is not a dying art, but it just may be suffering the abuse of many thoughtless writers.  

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Article at a Glimpse...
What is a short story?
Is Your Idea Short-Story Worthy?
What to Cut
And What Not to Cut
Start Your Story
Fill Your Story
End Your Story
Benefits of Writing Short Stories
Downfalls of Writing Short Stories
Write Your Short Story!

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