Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Author Olympics!!

One of my FaceBook friends has started an Author Olympics to go during the winter Olympics.

I actually don't watch the Olympics because we don't have TV, but... Anita's Author Olympics have been an excellent motivator for me to do more! We get to choose our own bronze, silver, and gold goals (whether writing or researching or editing or other writing-related thing...). This has been helpful for me, as each day I've been able to evaluate what I'd likely have time for, and then make goals accordingly.

So, last Tuesday, I really low-bid it on the goals (that's what I get for making goals on a not-feeling-best day ;) ). So, I'm pleased to say that I've been able to surpass those goals!

Last week, I...
- wrote 5, 517 words!
- read 74 pages in research/writing craft books

This week, I hope to...
- write 3,000 words (average 500 words a day)
... or more ... ;)
- read 75 pages in research/writing craft books
{for the record, I think I've decided that I've read enough of The Bowyer's Bible to get me where I need to go. I've only half-finished the book and I think my reading time will be more productive elsewhere, so... *gasp!* Horror of horrors, I'm going to NOT complete a book!!!}

From my Feed
This was from last week, but I didn't feel like digging it out. ;) I took a trip to the library with my sister and came home with...

Personal library trip rule: 
Only get as many books as you can 
actually read before they need to be returned.
I think I can do this in three weeks... if not, 
I can call and renew for an extra three weeks. 
That’s not cheating, is it???

{for the record, I had to renew the books yesterday, and... I've only made progress in two of the books; haven't completed any of them! :P }

I’ve penned ten short stories (eight published), and this is the first time I’ve actually read something exclusively for the short-story writer. :| Actually, I wasn’t aware of these books until I saw them on my library’s shelves earlier. I’m eagerly excited to see what great tips these books hold. I just may be getting addicted to reading books on the writing craft. They’re really good, y’all! If you’re a writer, what are the best books “on writing” that you’ve read? And if you’re a writer and have NOT read books on writing... you really need to. A doctor doesn’t become a doctor by attempting surgery, but by learning first how to do it (and we’re all grateful). Sure, we can learn a lot BY writing, but we also need some experts to give us a little guidance here and there.
*okay, stepping down from my unintentional soap-box here!

For your random enjoyment:

Do you like chicken salad with 
"all the fixings?"

Since I've kept y'all semi-updated about my energy levels, this was from last Monday:

Never underestimate the beauty of a completed to-do list. This one is especially beautiful for me, because it is the first real to-do list I’ve been able to complete all year! I am SO VERY THANKFUL to have energy after being weeks of low energy (due to vitamin D and iron deficiency). Praising Jesus!!!

Now for all of my daily updates. These you probably cannot see unless you are actually on Instagram, because I put these in my stories (if I get the settings right, you can only see stories if you're following me??).

My current research-read. It's cool and very useful!

Hang in there. If I have time this week, I just might release more information on this WIP that the Lord has been giving me so many words in! :) I'll tell you this much: last week, I hit the 20,000 word mark! My original goal was 25k, but... I just may have to tweak that a little. ;)

Your Goals
I'm going to start something this week and TRY to remember to keep it up! Link-ups!! I would obviously like to hear your goals here in a comment, BUT if you have a blog and want to start staying accountable on there, link up with your goals! (let's hope I did this correctly ;) )


Alicia G. Ruggieri said...

I completely agree: the Author Olympics have been a wonderful source of motivation and accountability!
That library "haul" looks intriguing! I love research books with pictures. :-) And, no, at least in my opinion, renewing for 3 more weeks isn't cheating! ;-)
Have fun with your goals this week, Amanda!

Ryana Lynn said...

I might have to set myself some gold silver and bronze goals...sounds like fun!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Alicia - yes, definitely! Thanks! Haha--that's good; I just re-renewed them. ;)

@ Ryana - the goals were great fun!

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