Tuesday, February 27, 2018

On the Upswing!

Last week's writing went far better than I anticipated!! It was the final week of Author Olympics and that pushed me to do a lot more than I would have initially.

So, here are my goals and what really happened:
This week, I'm not anticipating such a big writing/reading week. Not only is the sick season dwindling out so I can teach again (praise the Lord!!), but I also have some busy weekend plans.

I will, however, make some goals. Because, as I've indicated before, if you don't reach for something then you will get nowhere. So, my goals for this week are...
  • Write 2,500 words
  • Read 30 pages (in other words, start another research/writing book)

From My Feed

This is needful on so many levels, both spiritual and physical. 
For today, I’m thankful for a friend who challenged 
me to go above my writing goals for today. 

Why yes, I go downstairs for the evening prepared. 
By the way, this crochet bag my mom made for me 
is perfect—it fits not only my crochet, 
but also other delightful things... 
like books and kindles and notebooks... 

This series holds a special place in my heart. 
I first borrowed and read the “Love Comes Softly” 
books from my Grandma Carpenter (the classic 2-in-1 copies). 
Later, I inherited the first four books of this series 
(pictured) from my Grandma Tero when she passed away. 
So... this series connects me to both grandmothers. 
I’m not usually sentimental, but here I just may be. 
One of my goals this year is to re-read the 
“Love Comes Softly” series. Tonight, I intend to start it!

<Added note: I finished reading it and posted my review here>

Saturday reads/current review reads. It’s a lazy 
Saturday after a very long week, for 
which I’m grateful. I’m really looking forward 
to chilling out today! What are your weekend reads?

And then from my Instagram Stories... regular updates on my writing and such:

So, there's my glorious report from last week! Next week shan't be quite so glorious, I imagine, but that's okay. To each week there is a purpose. ;)

What do you hope to accomplish this week in writing? 
Or... do you have some non-writing goals for the week?
Are you reading any good books? Any research books?

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