Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hey, it's me...

I know... I skipped a week of writing updates. The sick bug has hit our house yet again and last Monday/Tuesday I was quite out of commission. Is anyone else having a hard time staying well this winter? 

This week, I'm once again trying to get back into routine (how many times have I said that this year??). I had big plans of announcing my WIP... but I shall have to wait and see if I can get to that next week. ;)

First off... tomorrow!

Several of my eBooks will be on sale, so come back tomorrow for information on that.

Secondly... updates...
Since the last writing post, I have managed to...
    - write 2,636 words
    - read 40 pages of The Bowyer's Bible
    - read about half a book on the writing craft
    - edit Leviathan and get it in the hands of my proof reader

This week, I'm really hesitant to put out goals. Not only am I hoping to teach (for the first time this month!), I also want to be available for whatever help the family needs, since I've kind of been out of commission and half of them are down sick now. BUT... we all know how it goes with no goals. So, I will attempt to...
  • Write 500 words
  • Read 10 pages in Bowyer's Bible
  • Read 20 pages in Short Story Writing

Do you have goals for February?
Are you nearing the conclusion of any projects?
Did you get any great Valentine's Day sales (whether books or chocolate ;) )?


Ryana Lynn said...

I'm getting over the sick bug too, but thankfully nothing too serious;) Hope y'all get to feeling better!

My mom and I have a shared goal, to get through a complete edit by the end of the month. So far, we are on track!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - that's great to have a dual-goal. ;)

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