Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Standing on the Promises | Music Video

A few years ago, I began arranging an advanced piano solo. It actually began when my family and I were singing at a church. Before service, I was playing around on the church piano just for fun. It's interesting, but sometimes playing on a different piano will inspire different ideas. As I played, I threw in a descending scale-type progression where I went down, retraced a note up then went down further, etc. It was a keeper-idea, and before long, the Lord allowed me to piece it together with "Standing on the Promises" (you'll hear that progression throughout the arrangement). 

However, after about halfway into the song, I hit a brick wall. I put the piece down for about nine months (in that time, we actually moved states--so yeah, a lot went on between measure one and the final bar line in this piece!). I loved the beginning and it was such fun to play, but I didn't have an ending. As I thought about it, I'd pray for ideas, pull it out, toy with it, and let it set again. Finally, there was a breakthrough and God gave me just the ideas I needed to finish the arrangement.

Now, about two years later, I've finally gotten around to recording it to share with you all!

The sheet music for this is available at WAJN (but I'll give warning, it is advanced--there are a lot of notes in the ten pages!).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Amanda!! I love the way you change keys near the end. I have tried my hand at it and I can not seem to make it flow with the rest of the song.


Anonymous said...

Amanda, how lovely. It is breathtaking. You play beautifully. I admire your tremendous talent. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Kayla - thank you! :) Do you have a hard time with key changes in general, or just that type of key change? I need to reply to your email and talk some music! :P

@ Marilyn - aw, thank you so much!! God has blessed me so much in music, and I'm so thankful for how He allows me to share it with others! :)

Lauren Compton said...

This has now officially become my favourite of all your arrangements I've heard so far!!! I listened to it twice. It's so lovely :D Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My sister and I love listening to your music, Amanda!

~Katja L.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Lauren - aw... you and me both. ;) I think this has been my favorite so far. :) If you're up for a challenge anytime, we might can try this one (but it's probably one of my most advanced pieces).

@ Katja - I'm so glad y'all are listening to them, and that they bless you. :)

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