Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Want to be Writing...

This has been my thought almost every day the last week. Truth be told, I've only had one day in which I even had time to write, between company for four days, teaching two days, a homeschool craft day at our house, and a bridal shower at our house (yep, all in a week's time). So this post will be short, and not much of an update. 

In that time I was able to write, though, the Lord allowed me to finish editing the chapter I spliced in from rough draft, and I was able to get some brain-work done toward the ending (is it just me, or is half the battle figuring out in the brain what one must do?). I'm really praying that next week, Lord willing, I'll be able to sit down and do some active writing.

As a side-note, on Instagram, I'm doing a "book cover" challenge (even if you're not on Instagram, my account is public, so you can still see what covers I've had so far this month). One of the days, the word was "soldier." Oh that got me all excited!! I pulled out just a few of my Civil War books because I couldn't settle on just one cover. ;)

I haven't read all of these yet (actually, I've read most of the non-fiction, but none of the fiction). My CW collection is currently my biggest era on my bookshelf. What about you? What era do you have the most books on (fiction or non-fiction)?

Just because this week was another not-so-great writing week for me (which, so far, this week looks better!), doesn't mean you all were in the same boat. So comment and share! What were you able to work on in the past week? Any major breakthroughs in your writing?

Before I sign off, a quote from Journey of Choice WIP:

Quick question: how many of you know the gist of what Journey of Choice is about? I keep talking about it, but have I shared enough to where you know the general "back cover blurb" idea? I'm considering sharing that soon!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to write next week. You sure have a busy schedule. I enjoy reading about the Civil War too, as do my sisters. We have lot of books on the subject.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Marilyn - thanks! The Lord did bless (as you probably saw in this week's post) and I DID get some writing in too. :) I love having books on the Civil War!

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