Saturday, September 2, 2017

Books I Read - August 2017

After reading SO much fiction over the summer, I was seriously fictioned-out. So the first few books I read in August were non-fiction. Actually, I read quite a bit of non-fiction in August. And I enjoyed it. Immensely.

My Favorite Non-Fiction...

I featured this book yesterday with a ton of quotes (I recommend you read them). It was SO good!!!

Other Non-Fiction

I finally, FINALLY finished Sherman! It took me like... six months? More? Not sure. I don't regret reading it. He was an excellent historian, even though I don't agree with everything he stood for. My full review of the 815 pages is here.

Added to that, I read two others Civil War books, both of which were amazing and super informative! Since my reviews for both of these were short and to the point, I'll share them here.

This book was jam-packed full of great information! It covers the formation of the army, the various guns and ammunition used, the railroad, the navy, and more in great detail. Pencil drawings detailed the information, making it easier to know exactly what the text was explaining. For someone who is researching different points of the Civil War and how the military works, this book was invaluable. A nice bonus was that it was just fun to read.

This gave an excellent picture of the hardship that soldiers faced during the American Civil War. The pictures featured helped give a visual account coupled by easy-to-read, engaging narration. 

Harsh cruelty is not romanticized in this book but facts are given as it truly was. In short, this is a sobering read and readers need to be prepared for the hard facts to be given clearly.

I have finally read a K.M. Weiland book (she's been on my to-read list for a good year now). In all honesty, it took me half the book to get used to her style. Maybe if I read another of her books I'll be pulled right in? We'll see. She had great information, and I greatly appreciate how clean her examples were. I went a little more in depth with my review.

Fiction Books
And now that I proclaimed my fullness of fiction, I actually did read a bit of fiction (after the initial "get some non-fiction in there" happened). And I liked all of them!! Wowsers. :)

My Favorite
Okay, this isn't exactly fair. Like I said, I liked them all. So, I'm gonna skip this and just go to the books...

I will be featuring this next week on First Line Fridays, but you can get a sneak-peek of my review on Goodreads. This. Book. Y'all. So sweet! So sweet!

Why did I wait so long to read this book?! You can see from my review that I think quite highly of it!

And... I finished out the Serena Jones Mysteries ("finished out" by reading books 1-2 after reading book three...? Yeah...) My thoughts on the series as a whole? I really like them. I wish they were more definitely Christian, but they are super clean and are easy reads. If you want more specific thoughts, see my reviews for Book One and Book Two.

I will be featuring this book later this month for a First Line Friday--as well as make my review of it live. For now, let it suffice to say that this was a sweet little book.

And now, let me hear from you!

If you haven't assumed by now, I've surpassed my Goodreads Goal of reading 52 books this year (after August, I think I've reached 70 books for the year!). So I'm going for 100 books. How about you? How many books have you read this year? Do you have a goal?

And then I asked a hot-button question on social media: what's your favorite to read, a paperback (or hard-back) or Kindle? I kind of like both, for different purposes and reasons. I love having my bookshelf, but then a Kindle is super convenient (and cheaper in the long run). What about you? Which do you prefer?

I've chatted a lot!! Thanks for bearing with me! :)


Ryana Lynn said...

I'm not sure how many I've read so far but I would guess close to 40.

And definitely paperback!!!!!!!!!!

I've only just recently started getting ebooks since I now have kindle on my laptop. But I still prefer paperback since if it's a good book but had a thing or two I want to remove, I can't on Kindle.

Paula said...

My goodreads goal was set at 150 because I surpassed my goal last year. I am at 88 read. They say I'm 12 books behind! Guess I'd better get reading. Maybe a few novellas to catch up?
I really like the feel of a real book but I won a kindle and have lots on it and my iPad . I've won a lot of books this past year. I seem to win one or two a week! I feel blessed because I'm retired and don't have a budget for books. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have read a few books over the summer. I finished a great mystery. " For The Love Of Mike": A Molly Murphy Mystery by Rhys Bowen. I just finished Book 1 Of "Cousins of The Dove Series": "My Brother's Crown". I am now reading Book 2 "My Sister's Pray". All of these books I would give 5 stars to.

Jewels said...

I definitely like reading paperback books better. I have read a few on a Kindle reader, but paperback have been way better for me. Congrats on surpassing your original goal! And I hope you're able to complete your secondary goal before the year is out! I've not done so much reading this year 'for fun' because of other big projects, but our homeschool curriculum is all reading. And good books, too. Therefore, I'm in the process of reading about 10 or 11 books right now! (And so happy because I'm reading about the time period in which one of my WIP's is set, and I REalLY need(ed) to do some research for the WIP! So I get a double bonus :D)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming reviews!

Salinn said...

I don't know how many I've read. I should try to roughly figure out. Quite a few though. Definitely hit my original goal.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - that's a nice number. :) Good point about not being able to "edit" on a Kindle. What I have enjoyed most about my Kindle is that I can usually get a book for free/cheap and then if I like it, know that it's a book I *want* to put on my shelf rather than blindly buy. ;)

@ Paula - wow, 150!! You definitely can read some books. :) Bravo on the 88! Novellas are a great way to catch up. ;) Winning books is always fun! A couple of years ago, I won a ton of giveaways, which really helped with my Christmas gifts--it was a year that I didn't have a steady income. Amazing how God blesses in small ways like that!

@ Marilyn - Wow for all of the 5-star books! :) I recognize the titles of some of those, but haven't read them. :)

@ Jewels - I enjoyed hearing about your reading for this year. :) School reading can be fun--I remember loving "reading" when I was in school. :) And double yay on the books that serve for WIP research!

@ Salinn - You should figure it out! Let me know when you do. ;)

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