Friday, February 3, 2017

Books I Read - January 2017

The first month in 2017... and I'm nine books ahead of my reading goal of 52 books in 2017! That means... *gulp* ... I've already read 13 books this year. Wait... *looks back* ... Okay, so four of those I started in December. That just means I read 9 books this month. How in the world did I find time for that? (because seriously, January was crazy!) Well... we had two Louisiana trips, in which we had between 16-20 hours on the road. According to my log, I read/finished five books in the van. And then... this past weekend, I'll admit: I binge-read. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Non-Fiction Books


I picked this one up at a thrift store, recognizing the author from Lady in Waiting (my review of that one). I was not disappointed at all!! Read my full review here.


Yep! Another Elizabeth George book. :) It's the last one I have on my bookshelf, though. :/ I greatly enjoyed this one! It seemed to be slightly more in-depth than some of her other studies. More of my thoughts here.


Writers? This book is great. That's the short of it. The long of it is here. Seriously, if you feel like you're drowning in novel-writing and planning, this book has some amazing tips! I know I won't use everything there, but there is a lot of great help!


Short, but truly amazing! I read this in about forty-five minutes. You can see some of my favorite quotes here.


This was a cool book! Seriously... beautifully put-together, well-organized... and clean. I mean yeah, it's a Civil War book, there is death and prisons mentioned, but for a CW book, it was very clean. I didn't have the exact book pictured above, as I didn't have the CD, but just the book itself was rich in history. Yeah... I think I liked it. ;) Review here (cause that was a rave, not a review... ;) )

Children's Books

You probably saw this cute cover pop up on my blog a few weeks ago. Yeah. it was cute.


Okay, I'm not much into fan-girling... but seriously... I have waited to read these books TEN whole years. When one of my friends texted me if I knew anything about a Christian viking series, I slammed her with, "By Lois Walfrid Johnson?!?! GET THEM!!!!" She did. ;) And then she lent them to me, like the good friend she is. :D I grew up reading Lois Walfrid Johnson's Northwood Series, and when I realized our library had The Riverboat Series (now called The Freedom Seekers series), I grabbed them up. They both had a little more boy/girl stuff than I liked, and because the kids were thirteen, I seriously rolled my eyes at them. But, there is something about Mrs. Johnson's style that I love. Maybe it's childhood memories. At any rate, I probably liked the viking series best... largely due to the fact that there is NOT all of the boy/girl stuff. There is a hint of romance, but mainly in the last book, and I thought it mature and well-handled.

But, for my reviews of each book, click on the titles.

Oh, and that binge-reading weekend? Yeah... *guilty grin* The Viking Quest was the culprit...


The reading of this book actually has a little story to go with it. I had read all of the rest of Mateer's books 2015-2016 and when this one went on sale for Kindle last year, I grabbed it, but hadn't found time to read it yet. Well, on one of our trips home from Louisiana, I had read all of the books I brought to read, and was just going to sleep the rest of the way home (after all, it was close to midnight). My brother who was driving home ahead of us by a few miles hit a deer on the interstate. My brother is okay, but he totaled his car. We sat on the side of the road for about an hour with Dad talking to road-side assistance. Now fully awake, I decided to look on my Kindle app and see what I had. This one had been on my to-read list for so long, I picked it to read, and finished it that night. Now that you've read my story of WHY I read this book, you can see my thoughts of it in my review. ;)

Coming up for the month of February... I've agreed to review-read two books by author friends, plus one of my friends gave me a book for Christmas I want to read... but those are all fiction. I like to balance out my reading diet, so I have a few books on writing on my shelf, and I already started reading a book on flash photography. I doubt thirteen books will be my February book-count, but with another Louisiana trip...we'll see!

What's on your reading shelf right now?
Did January see more books than you expected to read, or fewer?
Can you read in the car?

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Jewels said...

I LoVE the Viking Quest series, too! My definite favorite of her series. And I saw Made for a Purpose on your blog..It looks like a cute book! I love childrens books that are well illustrated (like The Relatives Came, by Cynthia Rylant) so I would be interested to see what the book is like.

It's a good thing for you that you can read in the car! I can for a little bit and then I get too sick :D

Jewels <3

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