Monday, February 6, 2017

Scripture Graphics 25

What a blessed assurance of God's faithfulness!

We tend to turn to this passage when we don't understand what is happening. But does this passage ever urge us to better study God's Word so that we are not ignorant of *all* His ways? His ways are past finding out (Rom 11:33), yet God has revealed some things to us in His Word -- have we sought to understand what we could?

In our human minds, this is a paradox: to dwell high and holy, one must be contrite and humble.
Also, we see a key to revival here -- because as long as we are anything but contrite and humble, God cannot revive us; we would not see our need for revival.

If we need good tidings -- turn to Christ. If our broken hearts need binding -- turn to Christ. If our prison needs opening -- turn to Christ.

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