Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flower Mug Cozy | Crochet

Turns out I do have another craft project to share this week. ;) I decided to try my hand at a mug cozy. I half-invented the pattern for two reasons...

1) The pattern I found was a slip-over cozy and I wanted it to tie onto a coffee mug.

2) I accidentally did the basket stitch wrong (first time... give me a slight break, okay? ;) ). For those of you who know crochet, you're supposed to do two rows one direction, then flip it. I flipped it after one row. ;)

So... the cozy!!!

Oh yeah, and the flower... this was the first attempt at it...

Yeah. It didn't turn out like the pattern (I though I had the pattern saved to my crochet Pinterest board, but apparently I don't; sorry I can't share it!). Thankfully, this whimsical octopus-looking-flower pleased my youngest sister as a hair band. So it wasn't a wasted practice. ;)

My second attempt went way better... It's still not as perfect as the pattern-picture (of course), but blocking it helped some. ;)

Have you worked on any projects this week?
What color combinations do you like?


Rosalyn said...

Oh how lovely! :)

I have had to do my own thing before-I think it happens a lot with crocheters. :)

Hmm ... I've started several projects. Working on a blanket-you inspired me!-a doily, and a hat. Yeah, shouldn't start so many projects-the same with books!! Haha!

Jewels said...

Cute creation! When I made hats a few years ago I had to veer from the pattern a bit, too :) My project this week has been making notecards to sell. A lot of work when I have to cut some of the cards and envelopes by hand! It was a lot of fun, though, and a good learning experience :)

And I love color combinations...there are so many of them! My two current favorite colors are bright, light green and a sort of light turqoise blue. Purple is really pretty with that combination, too.

Jewels <3
As He who has called you is holy, so you also be holy in all of your conduct, for it is written, "Be holy because I am holy." ~1 Peter 1:15-16

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - one of my friends always creates her own crochet patterns. ;) Haha! I do think craft projects are like books -- easy to get into too many. ;) But yay! So glad you're working on an afghan! So great! I would like to do a doily someday. :)

Amanda T. said...

@ Jewels - thank you! Notecards are so much fun to make! What style do you do? What materials do you use? Do you have an Etsy account?

Yes! Green and blue!! Love those colors together! :) And purple too. I love those!

Rich Lodi said...

@ Amanda-I'm not exactly sure what you would call my style--it's kind of a variety of things, I guess. I'm using watercolors, Yosoo markers, and a calligraphy pen. Yosoo markers are alcohol based so that you can layer them without the paper tearing. They're pretty cool!
No, I don't have an Etsy account, but I'm selling the cards at a flea-type market :D I put a page of them on my blog if you want to see them:

I've been watching your Secret Slipper cover reveal and am getting excited! How is Journey of Choice coming along?


Amanda T. said...

@ Jewels - thanks so much for sharing the link! :) Those are very neat. :) They look nice. :) It sounds like you have fun doing those. :)

Journey of Choice... I am back plotting and planning for the rewrite. :) Praying that I can get enough stuff figured out so I can start working on Nat again! :)

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