Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Five Fall Favorites - Day Three | Giveaway!

Welcome into the BOOK room today! (if you've been reading all the way through and paying attention... the book room is where the giveaways are happening!

So, today I am super happy, pleased, and excited to host a giveaway! The prize? An eBook of your choice from yours truly (keep scrolling down for a chance to win paperback books!).


Those are just my novellas, but I have several short stories as well. To enter, you must comment. But let's make this a little fun. Tell me your favorite book (wow, so original... okay, but it's better than, "I'd love to win." ;) )! The giveaway will end TONIGHT, so you've got to get your comment in quickly! :)

But first, I don't want you to skim through these amazing books I've got picked out today -- because seriously, biography and non-fiction are extremely underrated. Seriously.

5 Favorite Biography Books
So these are both biography and auto-biography, but I really, really like them all! The past two days, I've put some books that were "alright" on my list, but these five? I love them and heartily recommend them!

1) Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose

2) Chappie (this one has a special place in my heart, as it's my uncle's story) by Alton Carpenter and A. Anne Eiland

3) God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill

4) A Bride Goes West by Nannie T. Alderson and Helena Huntington Smith

5) Forgiven by Terri Roberts

5 Favorite Non-fiction Books
Now for 5 non-fiction books that aren't biographies. ;) Everyone else is doing fantasy, but I'm not a fantasy reader, so I chose these instead. :D Most of these, yes, have to do directly with my writing.

5 Other Blogs
Want to read more favorites? Click on the images to hop over to these blogs and see what they have to share!

Be sure to stop by Rebekah's blog for the big giveaway!! It ends Friday night (note: giveaway includes an "idea jar" as well as paperback copies of the featured books).


Abigail P. said...

My favorite book? That's too hard! So I'll give you one. :) The Green Ember. This book was amazing. Have you read it?

Megan F said...

Oh, just one?? I'll go with "Anne of Green Gables". I actually started reading that for the first time in the fall. :)

Jesseca Dawn said...

Oh, I LOVE "Evidence Not Seen"!! And 'Chappie' Sounds really good. I'm going to have to try it!
Hmm, my favorite book? Augh! I CANNOT choose just one. Unless I say the Bible, but you probably meant other than that. Right now it's probably "Brothers-in-Arms" by Jack Lewis Bailott. It's sooo good!

Faith P. said...

"Evidence Not Seen" and "Chappie" both sound amazing! :D I'll have to find those somewhere. Oh! My favorite (or at least *one* of my favorites) is "A Distanf Melody" but Sarah Sundin :)

Rebekah said...

Oh, the story of Darlene Diebler Rose! We have a video of her telling her story. Wow!
I've never heard of "Chappie." Now I want to get a copy and read it. Thanks for sharing!

Bethany R. said...

I love ALL books! Does that work? Oh, you want a specific ONE? I'd have to pick the Blades of Acktar series, or the Ilyon Chronicles. Both are fantasy. :)

I added a few books to my TBR! Thanks for sharing! (One that I added was "Chappie." My Dad is a chaplain on a fire department. :D)

Liberty Bluebelle said...

My favorite biography--the one at the beginning of your list! "Evidence Not Seen" is so full, so well written, and shows such love for God and others that it's worth reading again and again. =) "Chappie" looks like it needs to go on my TBR list. =) Have a great day!

Liberty Bluebelle

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

Kate said...

Great recommendations! I'm looking up the self-editing one right now. ;)

Kellyn Roth said...

Awesome post! I really wish I could enter ... But I guess I've read both of those books anyway. :D

Sarah Briel said...

But I don't have just one favorite book! ;)
Erm ... one of my all time favorite series is The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. Their amazing for all ages and just makes me happy whenever I read any of them. :)

I should really take some time to read more biographies and non-fiction. I typically don't read them, but I suppose there actually some pretty good ones out there!

CutePolarBear said...

I'd love to enter! ;) But I don't know how you can ask, 'What's your favorite book?' Any reader knows that question is unanswerable, at least truthfully. But ONE of my favorite books is.... um... uh... let me think a bit more... A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke! There. I realized how much I liked that book when Counting Your Blessings mentioned it yesterday. :)
Wasn't God's Smuggler so good? I really liked that book, too.


Carissa Rose said...

Ah, Evidence Not Seen is a great book!

And I must check out that photography book!

*groans* Why must you make the question so hard...?! I have so many favorite books, that I can't choose just one! I really like the Men of Grit series by John J. Horn, though. Hopefully putting one of my favorites counts. ;P

Holly said...

Aww... Evidence Not Seen and God's Smugglers are the best biographies I have ever read! I'm so glad they are among your favorites! Yay! Someone else who doesn't read fantasy! :D Understanding Exposure is a book right up my alley! I love photography! :) Thanks again for sharing!

Raechel said...

Not sure if I'm in time - didn't get a chance till now to come on the computer!
Favourte book?! Like...ever?! Impossible. XD I guess I'd have to say.... "Pearl in the Sand" by Tessa Afshar, but I really have soooo many!

Blessing Counter said...

Ohhh....God's Smuggler! That one is currently sitting in my bed, waiting to be read!

All the other books you recommended look awesome! Super interested in them now :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if i'm to late,but one of my favorite books is Dare by Tricia Mingerink.

Emma said...

My favorite book is probably The City of Ember.😉

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this giveaway. I am excited and cannot wait to read all these books.

Amanda T. said...

Thanks for all of your comments! I laughed at all of your groans. ;) I had a hard time with choosing FIVE favorites for each genre! ;) And I'm happy to introduce most of y'all to "Chappie." :) :)

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