Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weary Not in Praying

By Karen and Amanda Tero
(This is a poem that I wrote with Mom (though she was the main person who wrote it. I only contributed to the last phrase)

Are you troubled in your heart,
For family or friends,
Who travel through their time on earth,
As if it will not end?
They never quite have time for Christ,
As they work and as they play.
How will they ever turn about?
Oh Christian, you must pray!

Praying without ceasing,
Giving thanks in everything.
Crying out to God on high,
Our Savior and our King.
His love for those we care about,
Is greater than our own.
So we must never cease to bring,
Their names before His throne.

 Weary not in praying,
For that loved one or friend.
Your faithful intercession,
May be blessed in the end.
Be patient for God’s loving work,
To draw to Him that one,
For whom you have been praying;
Then the vic’try will be won.

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